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Feb 8, 2012


What is your favorite love song?

What song to you illustrates love perfectly?

Or what line from a song?

What's the mushiest line you've ever heard?

What are the greatest love stories?

Answer and then I'll tell you some of mine.

p.s. isn't it cute when people love their wives?

The Shins: “September” (b-side of “Simple Song” 7”) from Record Store Day on Vimeo.


Suz (and sometimes Jeff) said...

Hi, you don't know me but I'm Anziano Bunker's mom. Welcome home! It has been fun to read your blog and find pictures and experiences you may have shared with my son while on your mission. Thank you for sharing your mission stories.

A. said...

Love that song. Also, because we were talking about Les Mis earlier, I love "On My Own" as the best requited love. So so sad.

I love "1, 2, 3, 4" by the Plain White Ts. And "I'll Cover You" from RENT. And anything by Fleet Foxes whether it's lovey dovey or not.

babetta said...

"We'll throw out our disguises
I know we're both prone to lies
But I would sit by your side
as long as you want me...

It'll grow
little girl
it'll grow."