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Feb 28, 2012

Road to recovery

Well, these past few days have been awful and I've been a big baby about it but it turns out not being able to sit is a little funny but mostly awful. I feel like a slug. And I keep getting ideas I want to write but my shoulders get tired when I try and prop myself up at my laptop (ghetto laptop, with the ghetto plug that just shocked me--I'm typing this on my phone). And my appetite has been going bipolar on me.

There. I'm not always optimistic. Meanwhile, I am trying to deal with the post mission floundering, setting things in order for my return to Ptown while having flashbacks to ancient cities every time I close my eyes. And I'm trying to make the most of my time at home because who knows if I'll ever be home like this again. I just want to enjoy being with my family but instead I'm all grumpy because, here's a secret, I really, really hate being sick. I somehow after all that happened on my mission still haven't learned this one. I hate feeling useless. I hate not contributing to something...even though I managed to speak at stake conference, that was a small contribution.

I do really love my family here in Salem. I love my dad's sarcasm and my mom's willingness to try pintrest recipes and go and rent all the movies I wanted to watch. I love that she sat by me as I laid on the floor in a random classroom at church after I spoke on Sunday at stake conference because I couldn't sit anymore. I love how my sister in law laughs at everything and how nice my brother is to her. I like that Will watches everything with me and Caleb is not afraid to tell me I have a problem when he sees me watching Taylor Swift music videos and that he let me tackle him into the snow "because I'm a girl". I love my aunt Sybil and her beautiful children that have always been our best friends. I love Katie and Char and baby Molly.

Etc. Etc. I just turned complaining into a gratitude rant...I can't do anything right.

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