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Feb 2, 2012

home life.

Listening to: Radiohead - No Surprises makes me feel like crying...that, or hugging someone who smells really nice.

Being back in Salem is so lovely sometimes. Full of grand memories and soggy streets. I am so glad I grew up here.
we were just here, learning to spell and doing talent shows and inventing games on the playground and not climbing trees because we'd get in trouble.
the "big tree" doesn't seem so big these days.

Just made dinner and sent the parents off to the weekly church activity for the youth, talk about role reversal.

i love my mother. maybe because she's just like me.

not pictured, but i was smiling pretty big too. were three sweeter words ever written?

me: sorry i'm mean.
her: sorry i'm judgmental.

me: i wonder how many people would join if i had a fan club.
her: it'd be like pintrest, we would have to have people ask to join otherwise it would overload.
I'm so vain, but I can't really help it, when it's true, you know?

Waiting for mom to come out of work, well, we managed to entertain ourselves..

we still don't know how caleb did that.
feels nice to be part of a family again.

So part of the weird being back things I do, besides not knowing how to communicate in English is that I freak out about fast food places. Seriously, it's like, "ohmigosh! Taco Bell." or "omigosh, Sonic." "omigosh, Panda Express. Panda express!!" "Seriously, i need a taco. Not like a good taco, a bad fast-food taco." "omigosh! SLURPEES."

missed them. lots.

Back to Happy Curry Foods. They make delicious sauces. I pulled up bollywood music while cooking and eating (and dancing) for added authenticy. Thank you, Pandora. and thank you Happy Curry Foods. And thank you for that name.

And still pretty much a missionary, talked to the lady who cut my hair about the church and taught a lesson this morning for the missionaries to this awesome lady.

Last night, went to Caleb's bball game (photos on mum's iPhone) and I just have always loved going to his games, then I went to a chocolate fondue game night with mostly married ladies and it was fun and also so different than mission life with 19 year old boys. I think I almost fit in though...maybe, not so much when they were talking about gyms and children, but at least I use pintrest now.

Ask me how much I loved the Muppets. I'll tell you, SO MUCH. Like, maybe it's inspired me to open up my own production company and also to sing and dance all around the house...and the city.
DON'T love how Netflix instantplay has nothing I want to see on it.

Mum's dragged me about shopping trying to get me sharp looking, but I've got it all figured out:
Step one: Buy sweater on clearance.
Step two: Sew on elbow patches.

having fun, but wouldn't mind being in provo either.


A. said...

I love everything about this. Also, just found you on Pinterest. Done and done.

Lindsey said...

What the heck! When did Caleb grow up?

babetta said...

Can't even tell you how many times I teared up during The Muppets. Still tear up every time I listen to Pictures in my Head. And I've listened to it a lot.

Let's make mooooovieeeees!

Also, go see The Artist. You will love it.

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