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Feb 4, 2012


i feel like my mind comes up with beautiful, emotional, one liners that people would probably love to photoshop onto artsy photographs of people on swings or oceansides but when i think of typing them out myself i think, that just sounds ridiculous.

and sometimes i get very emotionally involved in movies but most of the time it's more like today when we were watching harry potter 7: part 1 and someone (won't give it away, but who besides me hasn't seen them?) is in harry's arms dying dramatically and the first thing that comes to mind and out of my mouth is (singing) "i'm just dying in your arms tonight." and i look over and megan is wiping tears away.

i should probably work on being less like a robot and more like a girl. But, robots don't ride zebras so I must be doing okay.

this evening watched Tangled with my brother. loved it. loved the horse. loved that once again the love interest is a renegade tool that somehow pulls of charming and of course runs away. because that's what we do, we run away from feelings.

or ignore them. or let other people talk us out of them.

"i think he likes me!"
"likes you, please, rapunzel that's demented."

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