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Jul 1, 2011

and the winner is.....


Yep, apparently I am destined to know all the same people as Sorella Foote and Jenkys. Am I excited to hit up the island and live among the Sicilians? Of course. Though I am a little concerned because the first thing everyone has said is, "Its really hot there."
Which concerns me, because its hot HERE.

My new companion is Slla Lewis, shes been here for two transfers and thats all I know about her.

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Am I sad to leave?


Did I cry the last Sunday in church?

Maybe a little.

I dont know what to say because I think the pictures say it all.

I love these people.

And always will.

And maybe they love me

at least a little bit ;)

What do you think?

Slla LeCates told Massimo that he had to smile in this photo, ha.

Bishop was like,

"it has been a while since someone who is investigating the church actually showed up at 9 oclock dressed in a suit".

Silvio came to church too and was like, "why didnt you tell me to dress up?" which I feel bad about, but hey, Hard Rock is pretty classy, right?

For Helping Hands we cleaned up garbage at a park.
I got to go to Taranto to do scambi with Slla Hansen which was fun. We taught a really sweet lady who right now works taking care of an old man who is...
not the most delightful company.

The highlight of the scambio for everyone else
(Slla Hansen, and the Anziani) was when we were running down from the apartment to the Anzianis car (they were going to give us a ride to the chruch) and
I...got into the wrong car. Yep, I just let myself into the back of a car with two men in it that was stopped in traffic.

The driver turns and goes, "Sta sbagliando, sta sbagliando!"
Which is, you are making a mistake.
And at first I was like, "what are you talking about, Anziano.."
until I realized I was in the wrong car and I ran around to the other car
where everyone was laughing/shocked
that they actually just witnessed that.
We also knocked on some doors which is a little sketch
now that its summer time because people come to the door...
not fully clothed. Ha.

There was another festa Saturday we spent most of it talking to our buddies mass/silvio/gianluca/francesco individually
but I did take a moment to bust a move
(dont worry, it was just one, a single move so it wasnt inappropriate)
with Fllo Curci.

Last night when I said goodbye Vescovo said I need to come back so that we can go dancing and party with the GANs.

Are you saving your pennies?

Of course I got called to one of the most expensive missions to return to.

We went to visit Francesca and it was her birthday and she showed us tons of cool stuff about UFOs, you know, flying saucer videos and all kinds of research. I definitely feel more informed.

She wanted us to go visit her neighbor,
but we couldnt find her, these boys were helping us try and find the number and then they asked who we were looking for and he was like, "thats my mom!" but she was at work, so hopefully they will get to go see her,
because he was super nice and cute.

That adorable family in the picture?

The couple and little girl that pretty much look American.
They have the CUTEST kid,
she was singing "Tomorrow" in Italian in the back of the car
when we were driving from Adelfia to

There have been a lot of almost-tear filled goodbyes

with everyone that I have been visiting/teaching/loving

these past six months.

I have learned SO much from the people here.

Its like the hymn,
"each life that touches ours for good"

people touch our lives in little ways and we need to
take the opportunity to do the same for other people.

There is a lady who doesnt go to church anymore
but she always asks us about all the members.
She wants someone to come find her.
We need to think about who we can go find.
There are members that live right across the street from her,
what could we do in 30 minutes
to help reach out to someone that we just havent done
because we havent thought about it?

Tomorrow is a ten hour bus ride and then onward to Cannoli
and Africans and old people that only speak Sicilian.

Sorry the emails are getting shorter,
its because the missionary is getting tireder.

But I still love you endlessly,

Sorella Laws

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