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Jun 22, 2011

Alright, so the last time I spelled Salam wrong, thanks Dad

Hi, its me, your Sorella!!

Right now I am in Taranto

because we are on SCAMBI with Slla Hansen

and I am stoked about it

because she is legit

and its like a mini-mission vacation.

Where we still work really hard, of course. Okay, this week has been full of so many miracles I dont even know where to begin and I am not sure I even have the time to explain.

First of all and least important of all I played Taboo with the GANs

in ITALIAN and I felt super legit because I wasnt even the worst at it.
And it was great to get to know them all better.

All the missionaries in the zone came Wednesday night

so they could be on time for Zone Conference in the morning

and we all ate panzarotti as you can see in the pictures.

The Sorelle came earlier so we could spend preparation day together

and we did today too.

Sorella Hansen and Johnson are SUPER cool.
I need to mention that Sorella Hansen healed me because I have a MILLION knots in my back and she pushed REALLY HARD on them and they, I dont know, released? Dispersed? Dissipated? And the next two days my back was SO sore and I couldnt move,
BUT my chest pain went away.

Zone Conference was amazing.
Elder Teixeira came and blew our minds. He made me cry as he told us stories from when he was a
mission president in Brasil.

All the sorelle (all 4) were in the front row and
we were just crying and he was crying
and it was so powerful and I dont even remember most of the stories
but it was amazing.

And He had us get up (me and Slla Lecates) and practice teaching him which was a little scary, but also not at all and during lunch I talked to his wife and she is such a peach and I wish I could tell you all about it but I have to write an intense presidents letter because he asked me what
I think about staying or going when really he should just decide
because I have no idea!!

Of course I want to stay but who knows what else is out there...

Anyway, Elder Teixeira inspired us to make the goals "irrelevant" that we can set goals and then meet them and then raise the bar,
just like you do when you are practicing for the high jump.

And if its not working, maybe we have to jump differently. It was amazing.
President Kelly said something that has stuck with me,
"We will do things that will surprise others but in our heart
we knew we could them."
That is the secret.

The quite confidence in ourselves, but more than that, in the Lord.

I love the people here.
Right now we are doing some lessons with Francesco (english course) and Silvio (friend who now comes to English course) and Gianluca (atheist) and they are all amazing.

We also have Giuseppe who is super legit and its magical.
I dont know what else to say but that this week was magical and I wish I had more time to explain and also transfer calls are Saturday so next week I will have the update about my new fate.

Enjoy the pictures.

LOVE YOU Sorella Laws

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