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Aug 7, 2010


jennie has a cool mom that she blogs about. and i want everyone to know that i have a cool mom too.
she came down when i was sort of half-asleep on the mattress on my floor and not cleaning and goes "this isn't sleeping music!" and starts dancing to whatever Muse song was playing.

me: Want to watch a girly movie!?
mom: Iron Man?
me: sure. or I recorded My Sister's Keeper
mom: oh! yes! and then we can paint our nails.
me: (laughs)
mom: i really need to redo mine. and facials! okay, that was a joke, but the nails comment wasn't.
me: microderm abrasion and...cucumbers!
mom: then we couldn't watch the movie--we'll just cut holes in them! so they can reduce puffy-ness on the outside of our eyes and we can still see the movie.

mom: so still want to watch the movie?
me: actually, i started thinking about what it's actually about and i don't think i want to watch it right now. depressing.

me: which one of these is best?
mom: all of them look great.
me: that doesn't help
mom: well, stop being so creative and coming up with so many good ideas.
me: oh...thanks.

mom: oh, i've seen that!
dad: where did you see it?
mom: probably with you. on this couch.

and she is fun to watch movies with because she laughs/cries/gasps at all the parts you're supposed to.

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