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Aug 3, 2010

communication woes.

sometimes i don't respond to text messages.
don't take offense. don't take it personally.
i just have a habit of reading texts and then throwing my cell phone on the nearest piece of cushioned furniture.

in my opinion texting is for when you're too insecure to call people or when you just want to tell them one hilarious tidbit like, "just saw some kid slip on some ice, hilarious." or "thinking about you because of such-and-such thing" or for when you're on film sets/in dentist's offices and can't have real conversations. basically, there is a time and a place and i do indulge and enjoy the text messaging now and again. but there just aren't enjoy characters for what needs to be said usually. unless you have Verizon, i enjoy texting people with Verizon. in general, unless i'm engaged immediately, i'm just too lazy for the texting.

i really, really enjoy communication that involves vocal chords. face-to-face being the ideal, but actual calls being nice as well. then you can pace all around your house or lay in the grass while you're talking. and it's magic, really, that you can be miles and miles away and still hear each other's voice. and i'll only be able to communicate through the written word with people soon enough.
so call me already!

oh, but i do like postcard's.
and was pleased to receive two in the mail today.
<3 you j. mag and c. smitty!

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