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Jul 26, 2010

people ask how life is...

people younger than me are cooler than me.
this is disheartening.
i'm just not the carpe-dieming 19 year old i once was.

sometimes i try and direct/produce/1st AD the world.
and, well, i'm learning the world is not exactly run like a film set.
it should be though.
or at least everyone should let me tell them what to do and be more efficient.

in highschool my English teacher told us adverbs were dying out. and i argued with him. because i love adverbs. and he finally agreed that i was probably right and they surely and definitely and assuredly would not die out. (see what i did there?). i love adverbs!!

sometimes, lately, i panic unnecessarily over things. like for a moment today i thought, what if leggings aren't in style in 19 months and i'm can't buy them anywhere? should i go buy five pairs right now? but then i was looking through stuff i was packing up and remembered that time my mom and i made about five pairs of leggings each. just for something to do. oh, and today i was reading emails from friends on missions and i was like, oh wait, i know nothing about being a sister missionary.

i've also been planning my wedding...
i know that there is a stereotype that every girl does this from the age of 5, but that's not true. this was the first. and i only got halfway through.
me: don't worry about me planning my wedding, i just need something to do while i watch boy meets world
mom: i'm pretty sure you'll get on the plane, so i'm not concerned.
...and my very first thought this morning was an idea for centerpieces at the reception.

"when are you speaking?"
"the 15th"
"what time?"
"So you could come speak to our ward too."
"I'd love to."

blurry photos make me want to chew my hand off.
especially as people's facebook profile pictures.
unless they're cool looking.

i'm a genius because i took 2 broken laptop chargers and frankensteined up a working one.

i would like to be in la right now.
and to go to disneyland with candy (the person and the food).

my family ate an entire box of blueberries between 11am and 2pm today.
and no one knows how it happened.

i feel awful because i don't remember people and they remember me.
and it's sort of like being famous, but more like being a jerk.

i have a copy of Preach My Gospel under my pillow.

i don't actually feel like i'm leaving to go on a mission soon. but i have no doubt that it'll be the greatest.

my brain is already trying to switch to italian.

i feel spoiled because i have the most fantastic and interesting people in my life. some people aren't as fun as we are and it's disappointing.

i have been listening to My Favourite Book by Stars a lot. it's wonderful to have stuck in your head. their songs are so soothing. my boss used to fall asleep on the floor in the afternoon when we were closed listening to them. i love them. and real stars. i could look and listen for hours.
and that is why we'll always make it.

my blog gets about 700 views a month.
i wish i knew who all of you people are.
500 of those views are probably from kelsie, alex, candy and jp.
but the other 200 are a mystery.
i feel like i should be more entertaining/profound/something.
or at least better at the English language.

after days of great defensive technique i got shot in the back of the head today while doing dishes.

1 comment:

Kelsie Lynn said...

It's true, you have a loyal following, and then there are the people who find blogs from stalking friends of friends' facebooks..I know it.

and i agree. blurry photos kill me. especially when I take them.