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Jul 24, 2010

and why is the 500 in ( )?

Okay, so I claim to not like (500) Days of Summer.

But, obviously I do, because my parents were flipping through the TV guide channel and I went, "500 DAYS OF SUMMER!!? Do we get that channel!??? Record it!!" And ran downstairs, put the tv on the wrong mode so it wouldn't let me record and then started yelling until Will came and helped me.

But, seriously, the little sister is way annoying.
and I totally planned a date to IKEA before this movie made it cool.
and I liked the Smith's in highschool (kidding, I'm not going to play the i-liked-it-before-it-was-cool game. but, seriously, I did)

I just don't like that everyone's like, "Oh, poor him, his life is sooo difficult." Here's the thing. He's not a victim. He is a participant. Okay, maybe a victim of love. But he is a participant in the relationship and chooses to get mixed up with the awesome-yet-crazy-girl who tells him she doesn't want a relationship.
Because, let's be honest with ourselves for a moment. She is weird. Very cute. But also weird.
BUT besides that. She's open with him, right? She says, "Hey, I don't really want anything serious." Her actions don't match that. But maybe she's confused right? Maybe she doesn't want anything serious but does like him so her actions are conflicting only because her thoughts/feelings are conflicting. You know, the "I like you, but I have such-and-such issue/circumstance/past experience/current philosophy/bad timing" We've all been on some side of that, right? And it's relatability makes it a good movie in that sense.
And it is REALLY hard when you like someone and the relationship is complicated and he is not to blame for reacting how any normal human would.

I have issues with the narrator. It's like, "let me set everything up so there's no surprise."
Also, parts are like, "hey, we're indie. we love saying swears and incorporating sexual jokes in clever ways." But I'm not going to blame the filmmakers for enjoying themselves. But it's one of those things you notice when watching it with your parents and 11-year-old brother.

And I didn't believe people when they told me the script I wrote was like this movie, but it kind of is. darnit.

The music in it makes me really happy though.
And I like when he tells the couple holding hands to get a room.

and I like the realisticness and relatability (both which the computer is telling me aren't real words). because it is not simplified or fluffy like many a love story these days.

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