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May 25, 2010

sometimes when i'm half asleep i think i am characters from movies i've recently watched.
so that when i woke up this morning feeling under the weather and rushed to class still half-asleep i thought, "wait, i can't be sick, i'm unbreakable."

wrong. i'm not a character in a m. night film.
but, good movie, right?

by the way, the call is in the mail...or on its way to being on its way. as in, it should come tomorrow.
at this point i'm more nervous about when then where.

because i will go anywhere. and i already feel a great love and excitement for the place i am going and the people i will be meeting though i do not know where that is or who they are. but when i'm going has a huge impact on my near future.

but, regardless, just knowing will be nice. so, american postal service, don't fail me now!

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