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May 25, 2010


someday when i am in love for realz and married and all that jazz
i want to lay on the ground and stare at the ceiling
and listen to u2. with or without you.

i mean, what does that song even mean?

also when i'm married i am just going to wear leggings and leg warmers/knee highs with sweatshirts and slippers all the time and i'll be like, this is what you're stuck with, sucker.

and that last statement makes me miss kelso because that is pretty close to how we would look as we lounged around the apartment. come back from down under already!

living alone may be having a bad influence on me.
yesterday i said something out loud to myself while driving.
and immediately thought, "oh no, I am going crazy for reals!"

and i should cook more. i just had cottage cheese, potato chips (really good balsamic and sweet onion chips, mind you) and strawberries for dinner.
and i was going to wallow in my unfeeling-goodness and watch american dreamz while doing so, but luckily babz called and got me out of the house.

this post is long and unnecessary but i need some sort of outlet to avoid freaking out about the mission call that is coming so soon.

also, using brandi carlile to calm the nerves.

this whole post makes me seem crazy.
the last one does too.

1 comment:

Kelsie Lynn said...

you're not crazy. only in a good crazy way are you crazy.

and before you even mentioned my name haha I had many images running through my head. and many images to come...

Italy babehh!!