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May 19, 2010

maybe you had to be there.

quotes i have enjoyed lately, because people are fantastic:

"They, like Ewan and Nicole are maybe going to get together in a Come What May kind of thing."

"Improve the shining moments. They all shine, but it's a matter of perception."

"I don't know anything about Greek or Latin, except that part in School of Rock where they talk about Latin."

"I hate my body. I hate my life. There's no potential for me. Edward, Edward, Edward."

"People are especially dumb about books. Which is ironic."

"I was about to say something unnecessary about Miley Cyrus."

-Dean D.
(aka the most brilliant lecturer I know)

"I really like that you have sweet potatoes in your car."

Me: "I knew he was a clone!"
Matt: "Well, that is usually a conclusion people come to when there are two people who are the same."

"I just sneezed, and about 40 little voices whispered 'bless you'"
-Evann (chaperoning a class sleepover)

"This lotion smells amazing. I need a moment alone with it."

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