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May 20, 2010


a few days ago in 114 we talked about "typicality and process" stories. the ones that we often overlook in favor of spectacle and enthralling adventure. "we spend a lot of time avoiding the things we spend a lot of time doing." because they're boring, right? brushing your teeth is boring because if you're twenty years old you've done it probably 14567 times in your life.

but there is something wonderful about exhalting the everyday and taking time to embrace simple moments in life. "if we have sensitivity towards the bigness of the small, we don't need the big." (even though big is still great too now and again, we just can't expect it all the time and if we did have it all the time we'd probably all be stressed out)

i have been busier than usual lately, working 40 hours a week, trying to squeeze in side projects and spending as much time with people as possible. but whether i've consciously thought about it or not i've been spending more time enjoying the simple things in life.

.driving back from the airport by myself and noticing new things on the road i've driven time and time again.
.cleaning the fridge (though not taking time to enjoy the rotten bell pepper that my roommate had left in a drawer--it was literally oozing)
.grading papers with the window wide open so i could hear/smell the rain.
.late night/early morning hikes exploring streams, potentially creepy caves and genuinely creepy noises coming from the water-whatever-it-was.
.throwing rocks at other rocks because they would make a spark.
.looking at the sky (i've always loved the sky and how it is always different and expansive)
.apple chapstick and other cosmetics that smell delicious.
.grass between bare toes.
.listening to the same song over and over.
.eating cap'n crunch
.hugs when neither person wants to let go.
.midnight walks by myself that involve singing aloud improvised songs in italian (i have no idea where it's coming from, but i am thinking half in italian again).
.leggings...literally the most comfortable article of clothing ever invented. (except maybe flannel).
.biting off the heads of chocolate covered cinnamon bears.
.the smell of clean laundry

or simply the fact that something happens that is so fantastic and bewildering and unbelievable all at once, but there is no way to adequately describe to anyone else why it was so amazing or what a big deal it was. i think we all have moments like that in our lives.

"you cannot skip the journey, it is what we are living for."

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