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May 23, 2010


because i haven't talked about love in a while. (har, har):
love is about loving.
not about making demands.

my mom sent me a tiara with "21" on it in the mail, but it didn't come in time. :(
she is probably the greatest ever, though, and told me to wear it all week anyway.

i guess this means i'll have to have another party.

thanks to:
emily, babetta, djb, jennie, tom, candice, tess, jon bell&milee, dan, whitney, sammi, jessie, that one guy, john, amanda, todd, matt, jordan, jordan, jordan, brynn, ben, raven, carmen, sarah, diana, mike, melanie, abby, ukiah, alma, brooke, bree, sharlie, cory, jessica, hope i didn't forget anyone, because then i'd be the worst...

for coming.
love you all.

it was pretty magical how people just kept coming and they were all people i loved.
and much love to everyone else who wished me birthday wishes via facebook, phone calls, and in person.

and those of you who said you were coming and then didn't?
well, i'll fight you.

special thanks djb&babz for the wonderful word spoken and sang (stay tuned for the video).
and to lady di for the gift from heaven and shoes that will make me give up my prejudice.


Jennie said...

what prejudice is this?

Lawsy said...

i hate purple.