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May 21, 2010


Twenty-one interesting, or really not interesting at all, facts:

I really, really, really like Les Miserables. The songs will never not make me fell like singing at the top of my lungs and jumping on things or conquering the world. I grew up listening to the songs. I remember on a roadtrip my parents ran into the store to get something and tyler and I sang "The Confrontation" duet. For a while, it was the only CD in my car.

I have this phobia of getting my leg shut in the car door. It seems irrational. But the door actually shut on my foot while I was cleaning my car yesterday. And during Inspector 42 I had to crouch down under the dashboard in front of the passenger seat with my legs hanging out the door...WHILE the car was moving (on a trailer, but still).

I don't watch enough movies, but whenever I do I'm ALL in and get very invested in them and I laugh out loud...and make noises.

A group of owls is called a parliament.

My least favorite color is purple. I have this prejudice against it I can't quite explain. I think it's pretty on other people, but I will never wear it.

I locked myself out of the house today and will have to climb through the window when I get back.

And my dishwasher exploded this morning, as in suds burst out the bottom and I'd like to blame Matt, but it is definitely my fault because I thought "a few drops" was really more of a guideline.

Sometimes I want to take cookies to people in jail.

I thought I didn't care about widescreen vs. fullscreen. But I do.

I don't like buttering my toast all the way to the edges, because I like there to be variety.

I like pretty much everybody.

I recently achieved a "goal" that was seven years in the making.

I love sweatshirts/sweaters/jackets, but get warm really easily so I don't wear them that often.

Whenever I do something weird/awkward I am just glad I'm not as weird as Michael Scott.

I didn't drink water much until I came to Utah, which is sad because it tastes so much better in Oregon.

I give great hugs. I wouldn't just say so, but people tell me all the time.

If I don't get my mission call on Wednesday I might die.

I love my last name, and not looking forward to giving it up upon marriage. But I'm excited to go by it for 18 months.

I just realized yesterday that I actually own five different pairs of Converse. And they're all very different.

I bought a pair of keds because they were cheap and I thought they were ugly. I didn't wear them for a few years, then I did because they were comfortable and got about twelve compliments in one day. And now I wear them frequently. Yes, I give in to popular opinion.

I talk a lot. I wouldn't say so, but people tell me all the time.

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