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Feb 8, 2010

this weekend.

I put lotion on my face a little too close to my eyes and it is tingling in a sort of awful sort of wonderful way. It's like chewing mint gum that is a little too minty.

My ankles itch like crazy. I think hell would probably be eternally itchy ankles.

I am not prepared for this week, I don't think. I am constantly throwing myself into situations where I have no idea what to expect (that's pretty much what life is) and it grates on the nervous sometimes. Every once in a while I struggle inexplicably with anxiety.

And now all the sudden the break is over and it's back to the difficulties of life and scheduling and trying to pretend like I can interact with other humans normally.

My nose keeps running just enough to make it an issue then it stops and returns a few hours later.

There were so many small moments this weekend that I didn't even realize were so wonderful until I begin to look back on it.

Sometimes, I rather enjoy being a minority.

Inefficient stalkers: stalk outside the wrong apartment complex.

There is nothing like driving up to your apartment and seeing Willem in a sort of tunic outside meticulously spray painting his entire body, with his leg up on the railing.
"What on earth is he doing?"
"I think that is real spray paint."
"No way."
[four songs later]
"He's still going..."
Then Kelsie comes out and he start spray painting her while Austin just stands in the doorway. Then he lets Willem spray paint him.
"I'm pretty sure even if we knew what was going on, this wouldn't make sense."

I love dinner parties...Because it means I eat real food. And it was good food.
Thank you, Alex for letting me drag you along to a female dominated event.

"But this might take moments!!"

Car ride home conversations about (what else) film making and how wonderful it is.
Sometimes one-on-one time with people is just magical.

I might have to dedicate an entire post to Slab pizza.
(of which the experience was added to by Parcore-ing on the way there)

Hanging with Aussies, both real and fake.
Dressing like Kelsie (but just looked like a homeless person from the 90s) for the Austalia party.

Open house/house warming parties. Seeing old, wonderful friends.

Sharing a moment with a guy wearing the same ridiculous glasses.

Spending time on facebook accounts that belong to fictional characters.

Singing Les Mis much too loudly at 1am as we drove home.

The assortment of "refreshments" that included "Veggie Chips" made with potatoes, spinach powder, and tomato puree. Not to mention desserts were being transported on overhead projector carts. Steph making fun of me for smuggling food as I notice that Lisa is also smuggling food.

And many other things I cannot recall.

More on Love tomorrow.

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Jennie said...

At the end of the day you're another day older!