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Feb 6, 2010

Love is not being afraid

I'm doing that thing where I go through old emails.
I made a folder in my old hotmail account ages ago titled, "old lovers" sort of as a joke.

But it's actually quite fascinating.

Because I thought I was afraid of love back in the day, but when I look back at my first "relationship", I was so fearless. I told people I loved them and told them how I felt and wasn't afraid to confront issues that came up. I actually admitted to the person I was dating that I liked them instead of trying to pretend like I didn't by hiding behind a mask of other emotions.

In college relationships are more serious, but I don't think they have to be more complicated than they were back in the days of "i like you, you like me"

Because back in the day I was like this:
So in summary, the point is, I like being in the same vacinity as you. I think we should go find some woods to wander around in. I think we are good for each other.

It's that simple, ha.

So many relationships (of all kinds) fail because people are afraid to bring up issues or acknowledge something. Example: Person A will freak out because they assume Person B is upset. Person B doesn't realize that they looked funny at Person A because they were actually just about to sneeze which to Person A looked like a face of aggression. And if the small thing is never discussed it just escalates until no one knows what's going on anymore.

I'm also afraid to speak my mind. It takes about two seconds to say, "Hey, you look great today" or "How did that spelling bee go?" But these are things I think and don't say. Even though it's SO EASY to express affection/consideration.

In short, I need to stop being cynical/reserved and let love happen. This goes for love of all kinds.

I think, as a whole, we over analyze things. It's time to under analyze and go with the flow. I am aware that the more people I let into my life the more complicated it becomes. But it's a good kind of complicated.


babetta said...

"In short, I need to stop being cynical/reserved and let love happen." Nailed it. Me too. Very well said, Lawsy.

Austin said...

See, I feel like it happened the complete opposite for me. I was totally serious and complicated about relationships back in high school. And now I'm just like yo, what's up, let's eat slab pizza and talk forever about everything.

I look forward to an entire blog on Slab.