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Jan 6, 2010

unrelated topics

i love that the person i have become is shaped by the people i know/have known.
i was super awkward today, but it's like, it's okay, there are people in my life who are just as awkward as i am.

so maybe i whisper "i love lentil soup!" as we pass these two guys sitting against the wall holding a can of lentil soup. and the person i whispered it too didn't hear, but the two guys did and gave me a strange look and then burst out laughing.

i love talking when you don't realize no one's listening.
like people who can't listen and type/text at the same time.
or someone has headphones in and you don't realize it.
so you keep adding bits to what you're saying, just in case they are listening and just haven't responded. so you don't feel stupid.
but ultimately you can take comfort in the fact that no one is listening.
it's like a rehearsal for when you try and tell the story again.

i like how people talk a little too loud when they're wearing headphones.
i like the tiny crack in people's voice when they break a long silence.
i like when people put their hands over yours when they try and show you how to do something and it's awkward but easier than explaining.

187 was incredible today.
at some points it was like tom was reading my brain.
lecturing us on everything i've been feeling really passionate about lately.
how you need to live before you'll be good at filmmaking.
and how you need to get out and actually on film sets.
and that love stories are important even though they don't get as much credit as they used to.
and story is king.

makeup was fun because we got to put wigs on fake heads.
i stabbed mine in the head several times and should probably never be allowed to touch actors.

my tv class is fun too. because we are going to actually do/make stuff and steven is awesome.

lately, i really like brushing my teeth.

sigur ros+any footage=automatic epicness, it's almost not fair. Also, I recommend their doc, Heima.

oh and I am holding to my picture-a-day resolution. I'm going to post them weekly.


Kelsie Lynn said...

Were you talking to me last night before we went to bed? i mean, when i was at my lap top?
cause yeah..totally couldnt hear anything with the earphones

Sigur Ros is king

Alyssa said...

This is a great post. I actually have Perkins for D+C. I did have Parker for NT, though. You'll love his class; he's great. :)

Candy Smith said...

we ARE going rock climbing the next time you are home.

I have extra shoes and an extra harness now.