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Jan 5, 2010

sadly, i don't play the accordian

today in my acting class we learned about ignoring the voices in our heads.

i've already almost called ang and diana twice each. and they haven't been gone long.

yesterday was most, most excellent
my makeup teacher cracks me up
i feel like she belongs in a fantasy story teaching potions to fairies and magical inclined children and living in a mystical tree eating apples all day.
my other class got canceled
went grocery shopping twice. with kels and alex then with willem and dan
went to quit my job, but they closed early
went back to quit my job later
willem took pictures from outside the window, because he's a creeper and slightly deranged.
going to miss the food.
not going to miss the 2.50 an hour.
we sent diana off with a gathering of some of the finest people i know, an OG (all orig) song, deep conversations, and singing God Be With You Til We Meet Again at a nearly deserted airport at 3am as she walked through the automatic doors.
got 4 hours of sleep.

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