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Jan 1, 2010


New Years Resolutions are pretty much always ignored. I know I didn't really do any I came up with last year.

Here are some anyway, we'll see if they stick.

Do Yoga.
Not just because it's trendy and the only equipment required is comfy pants but because I have a horrible, horrible back and cannot touch my toes and sometimes have horrible balance. I think I need it.

Just Jump.
Recently my mom told me that the first time you feel like you should do something is always the best time. Because other opportunities may come along, but they are never as good as that first moment you feel inspired to do something. You've gotta just jump when you feel like you should jump and trust your instincts otherwise golden opportunities will pass you by.

Yesterday I sat in a wannabe French cafe eating a crepe and talking with a friend who just got back from a study abroad in China. Now I wouldn't call him a perfect example of the kind of person I want to be (no offense, buddy) but he was talking about all these experiences he had just immersing himself in the streets and meeting people and going to clubs and networking. He ate food off the streets at 3am and was living it up.

Now, balance is important and all that nonsense. But I think sometimes it is too easy to forget to live it up. I know personally, as a creator, I need to/have to live and experience things in order to make effective and good art, but I also think it is just healthy for ones sanity. Sometimes you have to forget about bedtimes because the best conversations happen after midnight. Sometimes you have to take the long way home. Sometimes you have to drive twenty minutes to the next town just for the sake of leaving town. Sometimes you have to wear something outrageous and not care what other people think.

"We're gonna live like were telling the best story in the whole world. Are you ready?" -The Brothers Bloom

Take Time to be Still
With a busy lifestyle and always trying to pump each minute full of something it is easy to forget to take a moment to breath and rest. I need to not always be plugged into my computer (thank goodness I did not get that editing job). I need to turn off the music sometimes and just sit and listen and ponder and read and breath. Sometimes you have to lay on the floor and look at the ceiling, you never know what you'll find there. Or just walk home without your headphones in.

Get Organized
I never actually use binders or notebooks or syllabuses or things that would actually help me in school or with other projects. I should do that I think if I did I would be an all-A student again. And I really need to clean my room/car and get rid of junk.

Love and express love/gratitude/forgiveness.
I need to write more thank you notes. I need to give more hugs. I need to look people in the eye and tell them how much they mean to me. Because I've got so many people in my life I couldn't do without. I want to give up holding a grudge. It is never ever worth it. Along with this I need to be better about writing my missionary buddies and I need to call my mom more.

Let things go
If something happened in the past, there's no going back. Things don't work out. And I make mistakes, other people make mistakes. But what is done is done. You can't always get what you want but you might just find...you get what you need.

Notice Small Moments
I am resolving to take at least one photo a day this year. Because something magnificent happens everyday, it's just a matter of noticing them.



Babetta said...

These are legit resolutions. And I like them. A lot.

Kelsie Lynn said...

Yeah! I tried doing the photo a day thing..worked out for a little while. i really like that one.

and all the other more meaningful ones. excellent my dear.


Jennie said...

No way! I was going to do the photo a day, thing, too!

Solid resolutions.