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Jan 12, 2010

sour powder=no more tongue

Today was more productive than I can explain. I'm working like mad and the semester has just begun.

Also, I rented a locker and will be pretty much living in the HFAC. If you need me...2nd floor lab. Which I affectionately now call the labby lab. Or you can leave notes in locker 816, just like middle school. Or when there is a class in the labby lab, I'll be on the third floor. Also sometimes talking with Brad on the fourth floor. And my makeup class is on the first floor. So...I've got most bases covered...Because I also have a class and sometimes meetings on the fifth floor.

"Wolf calls are always romantic." -Cambell

I knew it was going to be a good day when I said I wish there was a shortcut and Kelsie pointed out where two boards had been removed and we slipped through them (we're so Sandlot).
Then it was blasts from the past because I visited 102 and 112 as an ambassador from the other side for the SFA.

Oh, watch this...

"Student Films Have Changed" - SFA Commercial from Phillip Goodwin on Vimeo.

I came up with the idea, Phil made it magic. Though, for the record, I suggested a different song.
I worked on...maybe five of the films featured.

Then a meeting and trying to write papers, Wyatt provided this when I asked for help writing a paper on what I would add to a class. “There is no such thing as set drama when Lauren is on set because everyone is happy and they just want to love...Especially if they are young single guys.”- Wyatt

Went to Jeff Parkin's aka boys who like video games class and it was great. And will probably be tons of work, but that's cool.

Alex made us dinner, hooray for Alex!

I ate too many sour patch kids and killed the top layer of my tongue.
Told myself I'd go to bed at midnight, yet, here I am...and it's 2am.

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redneckzilla said...

It's eroding your mouth, mind, and will to live.

Down with the Sour Patch.