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Jan 13, 2010

it's called education.

today my classes did not feel like real classes.
also, i don't know the real names for most of them, which is kind of excellent.

i got to attempt to do makeup in makeup.
end result: matt had hand sanitizer on his jacket, powder in his eyes and a ghost face (well, half a ghost face...with tiny red dots around his beard). also, at one point there was hot cheeto looking smudges all over his chin/face. it...well, let's just say i'm learning.

we talked about stuff in my teaching class and came up with brill ideas for teaching methods that involved things such as coming in dressed as a cowboy and trying to rig up spotlights in the classroom (the latter being fairly complicated for an hour long class)

tried to rip dvds and failed, tried to open my locker and failed, not the greatest moments in my life.

In the tv class, I sat at the counter-thing and pretended to be a co-host while Steven talked to us from the ceiling like God and the teleprompter typed out insults. made hilarious jokes and discussed things rather unsuccessfully. Dan snuck in and was typing things on the teleprompter about me I knew no one in my class knew and I was highly confused for a while.

187 involved everyone pitching (aka telling stories) and it was delightful, some people had good ideas, some i spaced out during. My pitch changed twenty times in the thirty minutes before I had to pitch. Love, love that class, even though I go a little crazy when it's 8pm and I'm going on my fifth hour straight in classes.

Downside to the day was the major crampage going on in my muscles which i tried to conquer by stretching awkwardly whenever I was behind the rest of the class. Throwing my leg over desks in 187 or doing that "sexy" doorway pose when we were crammed the control room in 104, hoping no one was really paying attention. Which, inevitably people were. Tara saved my life with some painkillers. I think I owe her something grand.

I swear, I could be the next Drew Barrymore character. I am always doing awkward and semi-hilarious things that I am not aware of until someone points it out and says, "Lauren, what on Earth are you doing and why are you doing it?" Which I never have a response for. I wouldn't be surprised if I started killing people's plants and tried to go back to high school when I was 30 and also joined a rollerderby team. No, don't think I'm tough enough for that last one. Oh, and I can only write lyrics that rhyme...and I would so date the man in the yellow hat.

All my classes are fairly small and with people I know or have already become friends with and I am having so much trouble refraining from saying every stupid and/or brilliant comment that comes to mind. I think I'm attention needy since coming back from break where my family doted on me and wanted to pay attention to me because they only had to put up with me for two weeks.

Also, I have never had a nickname catch on so quickly. Jen has been calling me Laws for sometime now, but in the past two days that's almost all anyone has referred to me by including professors and acquaintances. Enjoyed getting back the feedback in 187 because one of them said, "Lawsy Baby" on the top. Feel free to refer to me as such.

The Holiday is one of those films that is amazing because it is like, "Hey, I've actually felt like that in my life..." And...I wouldn't mind if Jude Law smiled at me like that.

Spent over 12 hours on campus today. But what else is new. I'm getting so sick of meetings.

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