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Jan 18, 2010


i am starting to feel as though the key to life is not over thinking things.
you gotta follow your instincts, babies.

they need to invent some sort of spray to ward off obnoxious people, nothing harmful, just a repellent of sort. it'd be handy at social gatherings when blondy-blond girl get in the way or that one guy asks you a million times if you have a boyfriend (probably should've just lied and said i do). it'd have to be a smell only people with bad taste don't like...like apples or pine trees.

i super organized m'half o'the room t'day.
how fun are '? i feel so v'ry irish righ' now.
it's all cleany clean and i just need more hangers
i should probably stop saying phrases that involve saying the same word twice but adding a -y to it the first time...they just keep slippy slipping out.
found a couple rings, a couple chapsticks, some shirts i've been looking for...it was like a treasure hunt.

want to live in a house.

can't believe my baby-lindsey-girl just got engaged!
we grew up together and now she's all grown up (and saving China).
congrats to her and her very lucky fiance.


Matt Heder said...

so did that happen to be at our gathering that blondy blonde girl was at and the annoying guy asking about a boyfriend was at??

Lawsy said...

Your party was full of only the coolest people, far as I could tell.

I was referring to ward prayer.