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Jan 16, 2010

i'm so exhausted...it's like my body is made of mush.

i spent all day working on a spaceship-ish set and had lunch at a pirate themed restaurant with scantily clad waitress. then watched a dvd i bought on amazon that was an illegal copy that was not meant for sale as it kindly reminded us every few minutes and also went to black and white every once and a while for three scenes at a time.
what is my life?

bad idea: spinach alfredo pizza with cinnamon pineapple.

i've got to start eating healthier...i feel like i'm going to die from wendy's/donut/pizza overdose.

i've become boring and responsible. if you can call building a spaceship and planning film festivals trying to go to bed before 2am boring and responsible.

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Fo Shiz Mah Niz said...

True: by avoiding pizza places that claim to have pirate-like qualities, you can eliminate a large number of problems in one's life; such as needing to burn out your eyes after viewing the scantily-clad piratess we aptly name the kraken (also known as krak-ho), the temptation of creating pizzas with toppings that cannot and should not ever coexist, and paying up the wazoo for gourmet pizzas that unsurprisingly all end up tasting like the fake nacho cheese you buy at walmart for parties you know people you hate will show up at.