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Nov 27, 2009


these are "tweets" i thought of today.

it's been twenty minutes of shopping and two ladies have full-on run into me...accidentally.

make-up is something that is beyond my comprehension, but i am really good at smiling and nodding and providing feedback while my mom and her clinque friend talk lip liner.

having no chest takes any fun that there may have otherwise been out of bra shopping.

articles of flannel clothing tried on: eight.

how is it that salem has a coffee shop on every corner and provo has one in the entire city?

kitchen dance party to christmas music? heck yes.

"i don't like this version of 'baby it's cold outside' it's not seductive enough."

nothing says the day after thanksgiving like stuffing yourself with thai food.

decorating the christmas tree=watching my mom and dad put lights on while my little brother jumps on me.

"i'm so used to laika that i forget that other dogs aren't blind and won't run into you when you try to pet them."

"it's time to de-pumpkin this house."

"how many christmas decoration boxes are there?"
"15. plus two big ones."

family is watching Tarzan. i think i could be happy with a man in dreds in a loin cloth.

day after thanksgiving=christmas sweater+slippers

decorating the christmas tree=boys climbing all over the ladder, me getting called bossy and lazy alternatingly, dad sitting on the couch, mom directing everyone

casualties: two ornaments (and counting)

1 comment:

Kelsie Lynn said...

I think despite being in different states, our thanksgivings' have actually run parallel. Except I havent really put christmas decorations.