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Nov 18, 2009

this one is all over the place.

for those of you who don't know...i am stubborn.

maybe stubborn is the wrong word, because we all know i can't make decisions.

i guess i just like to be rebellious.
i don't like to hear that i can't do something.

(hint: if you ever want me to do something, reverse psychology)

example: pandora tells me i can only skip a certain amount of songs. which makes me upset. how dare the internet tell me what i can and cannot do. it was made for me, afterall. so instead i skip through channels and suffer through ad after ad.

i also get really upset when dvd players won't let you skip through things. that little hand that comes up. grrr.

if robots ever take over (which, let's face it, is inevitable) i'm going to be really mad.

it is a good thing i didn't have many rules growing up...i had to rebel by being good.

this becomes a problem though.
in that, i do things solely for the reason people say i can't.
sometimes when it's not even what i really want.

k, this post was going to have a concrete topic for once, but my mind is all over the place right now.

1. i want to go home and eat at lan xang
2. i miss italy, oh, i miss italy
3. along with that i miss my study abroad mates

4. abortion is wrong! this is completely random because i hate to get political and don't usually take a forceful stand on anything. but it just came to my head and ben fold's brick came on pandora...we watched this film in 114, and...it's just so horrible depressing for everyone involved. whatever way you want to look at it you're taking a life.

i guess i got a little spooked today when i read the paper and it said a former BYU professor had been murdered.
i...i just live in such a happy bubble, where nothing horrible ever happens. like, i honestly forgot murder actually happens outside of movies and war zones. which is silly, i know...but it's not something i think about on a daily basis until it's sitting on the desk in front of me.

i don't live in countries where people get arrested all the time or have to fight everyday for survival. even when i have illness that i think are going to kill me, i have orange juice and all the soup and movies i could ever want.

i am so spoiled.
if i lived in the wild, there would be no health care.
and i'd be eaten by a lion.

also, i'm sick of sexism.
in joking, it's hilarious, i'll acknowledge that.
but, seriously, women have been objectified long enough.
and i know it comes from both ends, men objectifying and women wanting to be objectified, but seriously...can't we get over that?
and every other -ism for that fact.

people are people are people.

wow. okay. that's enough of What Makes Lauren Tick.
sometimes you gotta rant it out though.

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