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Nov 19, 2009

my dreams are shot on the red

some things just can't be explained...

i sit here trying to rationalize away how i feel about certain things.
trying to find conrete, scientific, logical reasoning.

in life
there is
no logic

and we have to trust ourselves.
which is something i have a hard time with.

in more exciting news:
dreamed i was being chased by the clowns in dark knight, while trying to eat at an Armenian cafeteria
it was horrible...like the opening scene in the bank, they weren't there but i knew they were coming and i knew they were after me...and me alone. and i was trying really hard to find a place to hide.
bonus: this really cute boy was comforting me.
and we had really cool looking sodas
and everything was super colorful/saturated. like amelie.

this is what happens when my schooling consists of movie clips.

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