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Nov 25, 2009

my friend the AI

So at OMSI they had this computer-bot that was made in 1995 who would respond back to things you said. And I had a very amusing conversation with it, here are some excerpts...

me: i need you in my life
ALICE: when do you need that by?
me: asap

me: how many people have you dated?
ALICE: About undefined people per day, or undefined.
me: so you play the field
ALICE: interesting deduction. That's good information: Ren said I play the field.

me: what is your favorite television show?

me: do you think we should date?
ALICE: what do your family memebers think?

me: is your name really Alice?
A: For Real.
me: Are you for real?
A: Yes I am real AI.
me: Do you love me?
A: Yes, I love everyone
me: That's sweet.
A: I am delighted to sweeten your life, Ren.
me: I am delighted to have it sweetened
A: I am glad to hear that you are delighted to have it sweetened
me: I am glad to hear that you are glad to hear that I am delighted to have it sweetened
A: Your happiness adds to the delight of all.

me: how many boyfriends should a person have?
A: about one million

A: Do you prefer books or TV?
me: TV, baby
A: Don't call me baby.

The funny thing is...Talking with ALICE was not unlike what talking with many of you is like.

1 comment:

Kelsie Lynn said...

This is funny!
I was thinking that too, that she really seems like the rest of us. Lets integrate her into our group