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Nov 24, 2009

as if i needed more reasons to love my mother

she picks me up from the airport (late, because she was visiting someone in the hospital) and the second thing that comes out of her mouth is, "You hungry? The shops close in an hour, let's go and we can eat after that!"

we proceeded to run through the shops
and then eat an almond pretzel, boba drinks, and then we went to Burger King.

she made me an omlette this morning.

she took us all to OMSI today.
where we put on a puppet show with meerkats, among other things.

she shared a chocolate milkshake with me.

on the way up she cross-stitched and we had girl talk in the back of the car.
and on the way home she let me fall asleep on her.

she is making me a flannel dress!!

we are now on her bed (which is bright green with white and black flowers, very chic) watching gilmore girls and eat grapes.

and i've only been home for 24 hours.

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Jordan said...

The way by which you have become awesome is becoming clearer.