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Oct 5, 2009

right now my brain is all over the place, trying to keep track of everything i have to do.
about three times in the last hour i thought it was Tuesday and started panicking about everything i need to do by tuesday night.

but mostly my brain is going: filmfilmfilmfilmfilmfilmfilmfilmfilm.

laundry list of events:
crepe party i managed to do some sweet julie&julia-esqe crepe-making. but more than that, a lot of failed attempts. and almost everyone i love in provo showed up. thank you, diana.
general conference love, love, loved all the talks. did you hear Elder Holland? there was power in those words.
smith house we went up and spent the night with the girl who lives above us. i love being in a family setting where everyone is jumping on each other and singing phantom of the opera at the top of their lungs. not to mention brisket with potatoes, cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, fruit/veggies of all kinds, etc. etc. homemade food galore! thank you to the Smiths.
the commute friday i drove ang to the airport and got to catch up. i miss living with her. butthen it took 2.5 hours to get back! so i took pictures of the sunset (while driving) and rocked out to good songs.
casting for Jake's senior project he is doing a scene from Ender's Game(!!!) the casting consisted of old men and little kids. i love actors, they are so interesting/cute. i'm 2nd AD and art crew member on this project and i am excited for it.
classes i love my professors, i love my classmates (because it's the same people 6 hours a day, twice a week) i'm actually sad 105 is pretty much over (it's a first block class) Wyatt is always such a joy to have as a teacher and we always have fun in that class. but our final project will be bomb, just you wait. as for 185...turns out i need to read the syllabus more carefully because the last couple things i got marked off for dumb misunderstanding.
the chair i'm sitting in pops my back when i lean back...wonderful.

tomorrow i will get everything done that i've been neglecting...

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