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Oct 11, 2009

oh, bother.

Here's what's bothering me right now:

I recently decided I want to take more photos. Maybe, just maybe, I want to be a director of photography.

My DREAMS have racking focus in them (when the focus changes from something in the foreground to something in the background and visa versa)

I am in love with the slides I shot around down-town and outside a Target in Sandy.

I love taking pictures of things that happen everyday. People's faces, inanimate objects, the sky (I really, really love the sky, all times of day), candid photos, thought out photos....It doesn't matter, there is beauty everywhere.

I just feel I can express life easier visually than I can through words (hence, changing from English to Film as a major).

And after all this determination and planning of my life...

My camera breaks.

wah wahhh.

I am tempted to run out and buy another one, but I'm gonna give it a bit and see if it fixes itself like it did last time. Also debating if I can hold out for Christmas or something.

Meanwhile, I guess I could just film everything, ha. Really wish I had gotten some footage of the epic fence demolishing.

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