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Oct 14, 2009

i love people #475

lately i've been noticing i love how people speak/laugh/communicate.

i love how jordan p gets wrinkles around his eyes when he laughs really hard
i love how kelsie says, "sweet as" and it sounds like she's cussing. or when she says "jumper"
i love how david jon banks begins stories.
i love how dean sometimes looks like he's going to cry when he lectures.
i love how jennie sighs.
i love when babetta talks in a way that lets you know she grew up just outside the 'hood.
i love how brother perkins looks people right in the eyes when he lectures and his voice gets softer when he gets more serious.
i love how dan enunciates individual words.
i love how wyatt pauses for a split second before he busts out laughing.
i love devin's inflection when he asks questions.
i love alex's lumberjack/cheri dew fan accents.
i love that voice jordan a. does when he's immitating a. todd.
and the voice a. todd does naturally.
i love how jake calls everyone sweetheart.
i love how anna says, "am i right?"
i love how sharlie's eyebrows go together when she's concerned/laughing.
i love how willem asks, "how's it going?" about once every ten minutes
i love how nathan speaks in puns and back to the future quotes.
i love how lyvia writes her plays like people actually speak.
i love how brooke freaked out, "not a real dead cat!!!" when looking up windjammers on google images.
i love how alyssa's voice goes more and more southern when she talks to her family on the phone.
i love how melanie talks like Ariel when she's in love.
i love diana saying, "hey girl hey" and "squirrels are BETTER."
i love how evann explains things.
i love how angela tells stories.
i love how olivia does that voice (i.e. u r so wize)
i love how mike talks casually about things like firefighting and then yells about things like making thai basil rice.


also, in general, i love when guys try and act all authoritative and put on their "dad voice" as i call it.

and i love campell:
"i can't be hardcore, i have a baby."
"haha. how is--"
"my baby? great."
"actually, i was--"
"how's my wife? she's great."
"well, i was going to ask how joseph's project was going."


Kelsie Lynn said...


I love how Lauren sounds like she's crying or cant get enough air when she's trying to laugh

Kelsie Lynn said...

oh and I love how Lauren sings her feelings to me.

Alyssa said...

Awesome! I'm so honored you included me!! :) I love how your eyes squint up when you're laughing really hard!