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Jun 13, 2013

SMASH, I miss you.

I'll admit it...I'm going through SMASH withdrawals. It was a perfect musical soap opera. A little self-indulgent but good at what being what it was. Amongst all the drama I also learned a lot about the world of musicals. I am sad that it got cancelled so I keep watching these highlights over and over and I will share them with you so you can know what you missed.

It started out about a group of people writing a musical about Marilyn Monroe but I loved it even more when they started working on a play Hit List. Here are some songs from that musical (roughly in the order they would be in in the actual play). If you're interested in the plot it is described here.


^Katherine McPhee's character sings this song in the actual musical, but I like this version.


Watching these makes me think, "I want to write a musical--oh wait."

We should petition for Hit List to be produced as an actual play! Some of this songs are brilliant.

*Special thanks to John McAvoy for uploading all these videos.

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