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Apr 14, 2013

Girl Rising

I mentioned this documentary in my last post but it's worth mentioning again because it is playing this Wednesday at 7pm (for free) in the bottom of the Tanner building at BYU.


This film is a great series of vignettes set in different countries/situations where educating girls is not a priority and the girls that are trying to rise up out of that by getting an education.

For some time now I have decided that being a motivational speaker for young girls would actually be my dream job. Young people have such innovation and ambition in them and I feel like that gets squished out at people is they are not fortunate enough to grow up in environments with parents or mentors that actively cultivate talent and ideas.

I read something once that said a parent should try not to say "no" but to think of ways to redirect children instead of just shooting them down and telling them they "can't" obviously they can't do certain things, like run out into the street or do drugs, but instead of saying "stop doing that" we can redirect them into something more productive. Like running cross-country or doing something artistic.

Kushal Chakrabarti (founder of Vittana) came to BYU a couple weeks ago and told us his story about starting his own non-profit. He said,

"Impatience is good for innovation. The world will always tell you to wait." 

My mission president once told us about his experience as him and his friend tried to found Jet Blue airlines. Most people they approached said, "If it was a good idea, someone else would've thought of it already." To which my mission president's friend responded, "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard--you could say that about any new idea." Nowadays, Jet Blue is successful enough.

So, let's not hold each other back.

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A. said...

This is great. You are great. And I think you would be a wonderful motivational speaker.