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Jul 15, 2012

I'll call you...MAYBE.

Can someone explain to me and my female friends this phenomena...You meet a guy, you hit it off, he gets your number, he never calls.

Explanations that don't make sense: 

1. He's not interested. Because obviously he was at some point and somehow in a few days of not seeing the girl he has discovered something undesirable? Did he see weird pictures on facebook? Or look up her medical record? 

2. Fear of rejection. She already said yes! She gave you her number. Isn't that the hard part?

Explanations that could make sense:

1. He or someone he loves got into a horrible accident.
2. He ran into his ex-girlfriend the next day, fell back in love and is now engaged.
3. The girl really does have some weird pictures on Facebook. 
4. He found out later she's his cousin.
5. He found out later she's the ex-girlfriend of his roommate. 
6. Amnesia.
7. He is writing an article on how to confuse women.
8. He lost the piece of paper or put it into his phone wrong. 
9. He was actually just doing a survey to find the most popular area code in a given area.
10. His phone is broken 

Because yes, we are girls and we do over think things and come up with a million scenarios in our heads.

Anyone have any insight on this? Or personal experiences? I'm not talking about when the girl leaves the guy her number (and he ends up being gay---poor Carly) I mean when a guy goes out of his way to ask for the number, says he'll call and never does. How does that make sense?


Jennie said...

Boys are the worst.

Chris and Ellie said...

This post totally reminds me of the movie : He's not that into you lol. Seriously that movie explains how it really works.