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May 14, 2012

bits and pieces.

I just want to yell to him, "Marry her, you fool! Because you're never going to find someone who willingly looks as ridiculous in photos as you."

I cannot believe how many single people there are who don't want to be single...how are you not all 
finding each other and solving this problem? Just give in.

On more than one occasion in my life I have been described as "stubborn" and I think that's probably an accurate assessment. You, good people have probably never felt this way, but I feel like sometimes I am even stubborn against myself. Like I know what I want/should do and I still don't do it...for no real reason. Like doing my homework right now.

I am falling madly in love with writing and photography and to heck with cliches, I will do what everyone else does and I will be better than some people at it!!!

I think what I love most about my mom is that she never tried to make me be anything that wasn't "me" or at least if she tried it didn't work. 

Today, as we ate sandwiches in the kitchen at church in between classes (hunger happens) Kelsie asked "when you imagine yourself somewhere in five years, in your element, where do you picture yourself?"
I didn't know how to answer and I've thought about this quite a bit especially on my mission when I had an opportunity to live in a variety of places. I just feel like I can adjust to just about anywhere. I like Oregon where there is no sun. I like big cities. I like countrysides and big porches. I like my home back in Salem that is somewhere in between. I like the beach. I like the mountains. I like small cozy houses, I like big spacious houses. I could work I could be a stay at home mom. I could see myself with two kids or with five kids. I just have no idea. Though, today for the first time ever, in the spirit of motherhood I actually decided maybe I will be able to handle being pregnant. 

Sleep feels so useless when there is life to be living.

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