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Apr 29, 2012

Recent Life Observations

1. Andrew Llyod Weber wrote a musical about cats that no one talks about anymore.
Youtube makes 1,057 videos about cats every month* that get posted all over.
You were born too soon, Andy. Too soon.

2. Every thing sounds sexier in a Latin language. Most the songs are about the passion and pain that comes from love anyway. 

3. Songs about breakups are the most popular.

3a. My general anger comes out best when I put new words to an already popular song about breakups.

4. It doesn't matter if it's a subject matter I love, I will still procrastinate. Grounding myself to the couch isn't helping me get things done. I have wrote a song, am currently writing this and catching up with pen pals when I need to be writing for my screenwriting class. I'm the worst. 

5. For some reason Halo by Beyonce makes me more emotional than almost any other song. Yes, that does mean I listened to it on repeat while at work. 

6. I am either the worst or best at making decisions. Usually I am better if I am making somebody else's decision. 

7. Turns out when you love the world it loves you right back.

8. Coming back from a mission means the only people you know in your classes are the TAs.

9. Chat is more useful than Skype when talking with foreigners because you can look up words you don't know before you respond. 

10. Summertime brings out the wild animal and/or 6 year old in everyone.

*made up statistic

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