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Apr 25, 2012

provo adventures.

How could I even begin to catch you up on the madness that has been my return to Provo?

Well, it's been in one word: magical.

Starting with a mission reunion and then showing up in Babetta's basement with some of my very favorite people and hilarious stories being shared. 

Provo, I was so glad to get out of here two years ago but you've made me fall in love with you all over again. 

I am just so darn lucky all the time. It must be luck after all because I did nothing to deserve all the things that have landed in my lap...

Like coming into town and less than a week later meeting with a talented writer/director and pitching a capstone that got approved with flying colors (I can only assume colors were flying). 

Staying with the Kellys who are just the best and a nonstop party. 

Staying with Diana who is also the best and has the greatest ward of all time that I got immediately adopted into, including awesome roommates and roommate's boyfriend who is far too nice to me and a complimentary latin lover to accompany me to Sunday school classes, haha. 

The Fake Celine Dion concert.

Not being in school along with Babzy and eating sugar and pizza all the days long. Both of us changing direction wordlessly to find the source of the cotton candy we saw someone with. 

New friends that feel like I've known them forever.

Going to see a John Wayne movie at the Orem Library where the only other people in attendance were an old man with a tattoo and a middle-aged woman. Followed by eating Indian food in a deserted restaurant. 

Countless other movie adventures. The Vow. Titanic. and other movies that ended up being more emotionally compromising than I would have guessed. 

Reconnecting with my all-time favorite professor. Music video. 

Sitting in the sun in my self-appointed office and running into all kinds of people I haven't seen for years.

E. actually being awake at 5am when I needed her. Sleeping in her nook. 
"Who is sleeping at our house?" "I dunno, someone with glasses and good hair." "oh, that's Ren."

Three separate people thinking my name is Lindsey.

Poolside production meetings. 

Sleeping around. That is, couch surfing and actually being kind of good at it. 

Getting a job producing for the library production unit. i.e. the best on campus job ever.

Capstone film premieres of my incredibly talented friends.

Almost learning how to make credits.

A couple trips to Salt Lake and back.

and that's not even the half of it. But I should be in bed -3 hours ago.

I just got my MacBook Pro, so you can expect more updates, now that they don't have to come from my phone. :)

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