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Apr 3, 2012

April Fool's

Sometimes when you are a jerk, you figure out who your true friends are...

I woke up Sunday with the desire to pull a hilarious prank on someone. But it wasn't until about 10pm that I came up with an idea. Someone else had posted about packing up and leaving where they were currently living and then I thought of this. I figured since so many things had been posted that day no one would really believe it, boy was I wrong...the injustice followed.

Email from CES admissions. I guess I didn't get re-accepted to BYU...what should I do with my life now? I'm already back in Provo, bad timing.

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  • Austin Craig likes this.

    • Petition that shiz! Its good you are here, you can come in this week and meet with admissions/ or a counselor.
      Sunday at 9:47pm · 

    •  what? baloney!!!!
      Sunday at 9:49pm · 

    • If you are here, you can actively work to getting that revoked. For now, I'd find a job.
      Sunday at 9:49pm · 

    •  I can't imagine that they would do that! You left to go on a mission,
      Sunday at 9:49pm · 

    • Lauren Laws I know right! Because a return missionary half way through the program is somehow not cool enough to come back!
      Sunday at 9:49pm · 

    • That's cray.
      Sunday at 9:51pm · 

    •  mind=blown. I love you girl. Let me know if you need anything.
      Sunday at 9:51pm · 

    • Lauren Laws But who really graduates in film anyway?
      Sunday at 9:54pm ·  ·  1
    • That's bonkers
      Sunday at 9:55pm · 

    •  Unbelievable. You can stay with us as long as you need to.
      Sunday at 10:06pm ·  ·  1

    •  Petition. It's got to be an over site.

    •  where you are staying? can we hang out since i'm leaving soon and stuff? and definitely petition it.

    •  Are you for real?

    • That's awful Lauren D: I'm sure, like everyone else said, it's a mistake or that you can get it overruled. It's probably better to be back there so you can talk to people face to face

    • They must be April-fooling' ya. Che schiffo!

    • WHAT? Did you not defer properly or something? How does this happen??

    • you can always come back to Italy.

    •  ‎"Welcome to Northern Lights Theatre Pub, this is Chris, how can I help you?"

    •  Defy the system! Success without a degree!

    •  What?! I'm sorry to hear, Lauren! I would definitely petition... you gotta finish!
    • That's crazy! Storm into the admissions office demanding to talk to someone. It's got to be an oversight on their part. They can't deny you once you were already in and halfway through your major.
    • What? That's crazy! And really lame. On the other hand, welcome to Provo!
      23 hours ago · 
    •  I didn't even know that could happen! I am sorry! Petition it!
      22 hours ago · 

    • oh my goodness! That is crazy!!! Go to Idaho!!!
      22 hours ago · 

    • You have to get re-accepted? Why?
      22 hours ago · 

    •  Just move to LA then. They don't really care here and since you're not technically graduated you can do all sorts of internships.
      22 hours ago ·  ·  1

    • Lauren Laws You are all so sweet and supportive which makes me feel awful because..it's an April Fool's joke.
      15 hours ago ·  ·  1

With the help of phones that automatically get updates I (along with my team) was going through and deleting all the comments that said, "April Fool's!" Which, there were surprisingly only a few. 

So then I feel bad, because I find out how many people, including people I haven't seen in AGES but still have on facebook, really care. And I deceived you all, for my own pleasure. 

I even got texts, calls, emails.

"What is going on? Do you need a place to stay? What are you going to do?" 

"That's ridiculous, I am so sorry."

"What happened?"

etc. etc. 

So, I get teased on a regular basis for my catch phrase, "people like me." 

me: everyone has talents
G: what's yours?
me: people like me.

but seriously...
I feel so darn loved. Glad to know you've all got my back. 
Say what you will about humanity, there are a lot of great people in the world. 

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