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Mar 8, 2012


Being sick is so horrendous, but there is something awesome about once you feel better again. Yesterday I put on something besides sweat pants/leggings and a hoodie and I can sit again, hallelujah! Which makes my productivity level go up leaps and bounds from where I've been even though I'm still dead tired and fall asleep on the couch frequently. You know you've looked pretty terrible for two weeks when putting on jeans and a plaid shirt and doing something with your hair makes your parents go, "you look so good!" especially coming from my dad. "I don't know if you should go over there looking that good." haha.

I know I shouldn't complain when there are people going through chemo and transfusion or have diabetes or are having babies. The things I am dealing with are a brief period of time. But they keep happening, one after the other. In an awful chain of events. I am so tired of being poked with needles and cut up and the seemingly never ending tiredness. Tired of painkillers. Tired of random parts of my body being numb/swollen/falling off. It should be all over now, got my stitches out a couple days ago, got my cavity filled a couple hours ago. I never know if when you're leaving the dentist you should say, "Thank you." or "I hate you." The antibiotics I got for my surgery is making all my skin on my hands fall off so now we know what causes that.

I think we can call all of this progress really.

Back to positive I have enjoyed the past 30 hours (minus the filling) because today was SO lovely and Spring-like outside and last night was freezing but I love driving home late at night with no other cars on the road and the smell of Oregon at night. Even though I am stoked to get back to Provo where I belong, I just adore Oregon. I wish I still had a dog. But my little brother is super cool. I even got out of the house and even though it pains me to hang out with people who don't appreciate Madonna like I do, I still had a good time. I don't know if I need to tell you this, but DON'T watch Tower Heist. Though it is almost a cute blend between Ocean's 11 and Ferris Bueller's Day Off (mostly because there is a nice car that gets destroyed and a parade) I'd rather have that hour 44 minutes back. I also saw ADA used to be UTLEY, my favorite veteran ever. She's been in Japan for 3 years with the marines and I've been in Italy for 1.5 years basically like being in the army and we both are confused by big streets and cars, yay!

All it takes is one good day to make up for a handful of lame ones.

And once I have feeling in my face again (aside: I have to wonder what it'd be like to kiss someone with a half numb face) I will be eating eggs and chocolate chip pancakes and enjoying my weekly date with NBC.

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