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Feb 21, 2012

Socially Networked.

So, here's a review over a year later...but I know there are people out there DYING to know what I thought about Social Network.

So, here goes...Before I left for my mission I watched the trailer and I was impressed. Even though I am in film and all that I usually watch trailers and think, "I am going to wait for someone else to tell me if this movie is actually worth seeing." That makes me sound like I have no brain. I was exaggerating. Every once in a while one really gets me, this was one of them. And props for the Radiohead song.

But, like the pessimist I almost never am, I assumed  amazing trailer=bad movie.

Wrong. It was good. Really good even. As far as a film.

...as far as it affected me emotionally. Well, let's talk about that a moment.

1. I feel like a failure, because when's the last time I started up a billion dollar company?...I haven't even made it to the millions.
2. I get excited when this blog gets 600 hits...a month. Granted I am not offering you much here, just me.
3. I know things get dramatized for movies, but...he was a jerk. Yeah, and I am blogging about it.
4. Right after I watched it I was like...Should I be supporting this? And sort of have the desire to never get on facebook again and so much for never having ads, Mark...

I love that of course the Napster guy got all up it and that he was played by JT.
and...I really, really loved the ending. I think that it was perfect.
I love that he was wearing a GAP sweatshirt.
I loved the psycho girlfriend, because that was just a what-the-heck? moment. Poor kid...

Also, transmedia relationships are a headache. I feel like there are too many things to keep up with people on (says the girl who blogs always).

Downloaded Voxer...which I sort of love for the walkie talkie-ness of it and it's just fun. But now it's one more thing to be like, "hey, I need to contact someone, do I call/text/email/facebook/vox/audio msg/video msg/gchat/tag them in a tweet/send a carrier pigeon/write a blog post in hopes that they realize that I am trying to communicate something to them through youtube videos and rants about nothing/videocall/write a letter and then take a picture of it on my phone and text it to them"

Which, part of me likes, because I like options, and I like multimedia...but the other part of me gets a headache and I feel like someone should write a rule book for usage of the different types of communication.

The other day someone called our house phone and talked to my mom first. I was like, wait, what? That phone is actually good for something beside telemarketers and receptionists calling to confirm appointments?

One more thing, because I am sure your attention span is spent on this post by now.
Social Network reminded me that I had a livejournal...Oh boy, it's always embarrassing to read those things.

Back when I was so uninformed about the world. Like referring to Speed Racer as Speedrunner and I just had so many aspirations back then...Here is one of the few things I found that wasn't all about boys.

[04 Jun 2008|02:37pm]

What are five things on your to-do list?
1. get a job [check, but now i have to do it again]
2. get into the film program [check]
3. have a boyfriend longer than four months [no comment]
4. go to italy [double check!]
5. make a kickin' movie[more or less check]

What are five snacks you enjoy?
1. cheesy bagels with avocado and cream cheese.
2. fruit of any kind.
3. costco rolls
4. curly fries
5. ice cream

What are five of your bad habits?
1. leaving my shoes everywhere
2. leaving cupboard doors open
3. eating too much sugar
4. putting toast in the toaster and forgetting about it
5. flirting

Looking at other entries, I am not sure why I used the word "hot" to describe almost everyone, or why I ever thought it was a good idea to post my secrets all over the internet or why I still continue to do so: HEY, EVERYONE! I am getting a cyst removed on Wednesday. Ask me about the specifics.

But there are some things that are really cool to remember and remind me why it's good to keep a journal. May 2008, one of our family friends was diagnosed with cancer and told he'd have six months...Well, guess who is still kicking almost 4 years later. I can't believe it's been that long.

And now back to technology, I think Google could convince me anything is a good idea.

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