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Jan 7, 2012


Well, we built up a lot of hype with the new year, telling Sllla Camp there
were going to be explosions everywhere and things falling off of buildings, but in the end we really didnt see that much
..And we slept through midnight itself.

But we did pop poppers at one point and ate our special recipe apple and bell pepper pizza. Which scandalized one of the members the next day because you are supposed to eat lentils on new years so..bad luck for us all year, or something like that. There was a huge ward party we missed because we had to be home at 6.

This week was not the most exciting.
Friday we went and got Maria Teresa from the train station because she had a bunch of luggage, so we went there and Greta who just looooves me, held my hand the whole way back and we were skipping down the road while my companions had to lug a heavy suitcase with a dresser in it, heh. heh. Monday we cleaned allllllllll day. And luckily we had Brothers Bloom to serenade it because it seemed to always have the perfect song for the moment whether it was suspensefully trying to poor liquid into a small opening or dramatically facing the refridgerator or dancing in our newly cleaned front room, we were always covered.

And I found some adorable new (to
me) clothes in the death closest, so it was Christmas all over again.
Italy is great because Christmas lasts until Jan 6 which is another holiday
so even yesterday we were singing Christmas songs with Alinna and her adorablechildren (see photos) she has one of the strongest testimonies of anyone Iknow.

We also went by and said farewell to Maria who is leaving for Peru and
won't be back until Feburary. I don't even know how to begin to describe that ambeiance of that place. With Her Mexican sidekick who is taking over shop while he is gone and the flirty Italian man in the doorway who owns the Thai massage palour down the street.

We had a delicious meal with the Magnanti's. On Sunday he shared in his
talk the activity we had done with them to make a list for the new year of
things to improve, things to stop doing, and things to keep doing. That was kind of nice. No one came to church on Sunday...there were 19 people besides us, all people who had some role to play, teaching or giving a talk.
After church we went to visit the awesome African man we had set up an
appointment with but he never showed up. We had asked ex-Anziano Scotchi to come with us and we ended up just waiting on the street for ages while Brother Scotchi told me how awful it is not being a missionary and I was like, "thank you."

Having two companions is still so weird, I am not used to using everyone's
names all the time. But we found out that because there are three of us we can go in cars with people of the opposite gender and all of that so we now plan on having Stefano chaufer us everywhere.

We are about to embark in on the of the greatest preparation days ever
because we are going with two of the most energetic Anziani ever and going to the prison were Paul was kept! We just got to make sure they don't shut the doors on us ;)

And I still just love all mormon.org

videos so much because isn't life just wonderfully grand when we are doing
something we love? And even when it's hard we can find the peace and joy in what we know and in the people we love. And EVERY phase of live is wonderful no matter where we are. I also just got an email from my old roommate Alyssa reminding me how awesome we were that semester, performing Shakespeare outside on our porch for the masses and generally making people's lives more entertaining. I am just so in love with life, it's a fantastic gift we have. Do you realize God has a perfect plan for all of us, and that it is just that...a plan. He's got it all figured out, and He'll help us a lot, if we let him.

Love, love, love you all.


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