It'ssssssssssssss alive!!

Yes, I got the package so the camera is up and running again and these wonderful pictures are brought to you by the great package I got! Yay, thanks. I shared the granola bars with Slla Camp but she doesn't know about the fruit snacks yet, can't decide if I am willing to share. That really might be the only thing I miss about America now that I am in Rome and can eat all the Indian food I want. Oh, cinnamon bears, I miss those too. But anyway, this week has been...INCREDIBLE.

I say that every week, but this week really has been jammed full of fun and adventure!! Doesn't that sound exciting? Okay, so...

Wednesday we did scambio and I went to Ostia. There house is by a popcorn factory which is exciting and we--well, we taught a lesson Wednesday night and then met this cool Eygptian who is studying Muslim and Christian relations, so we told him he needs a Book of Mormon and that we would get him one and then--Sorella Tutt has bronchitis! Probably. So we went to the Pharmacy and then stayed in and for once I wasn't the sick one! So we made the Kellys a Christmas card (which they really loved) and then switched back Friday morning.

Friday we went to the office because we had to figure out some things because Sorella Camp got stolen from, did I ever tell that story? We were on the bus on the way to the church holding brownies and some guy was standing super close to me and nicked her wallet. The ironic thing is I thought he was trying to rob me because he had his arm like against me. Then, every time she told the story she started with, "there was this guy that had his arms around Sorella Laws..." and I kept being like, "Stop explaining it like that, you're making me look bad!"

So she got all her cards cancelled and we had to go get her some cash from the office. Which we did and as soon as we got back home they were like, "Your new card just showed up!" Of course. But anyway, we were in the office and then I was helping them with something or other and yesterday I was helping them with a printer and now the office couples want to hire me because I know how to use a computer, because, let's be honest, it's not easy for most retired people to navigate these new fangled things, but I wrote out some post-it note instructions and told them they can always call if they need.

Writing this email has become a huge headache because my English skills are deteriorating so badly I don't even remember correct grammar principles. I just keep writing and stopping and thinking, I dont know if that's right, and I don't know if I care enough to try and figure it out. And some of these sentences just never end.

So after the adventure to the office we got McDonald's and went home. Yep. I am a McDonald's fiend actually. Those 1 euro cheeseburgers do me in every time. And every time we go there we run into Americans. Which is actually kind of embarassing, why are Americans in Italy going to McDonald's? I know I can't talk, but I've been here over a year and just barely caved. And it started because it's cheaper than pizza. Okay, I sound like a fatty, I promise I eat vegetables too, here's a picture for proof.

That is the world biggest pear that I just bought down the street.

Friday night we taught my girls. I love them. These two college girls, one is from Napoli, the other we don't know, who are just incredible and lovely and SO cool. Well, we went and we talked about the Plan of Salvation, that God really does love us and look out for us and I promised them that if they put him first and read the scriptures and prayed every day he would help them in all the other things they have to do in their life. They agreed and said they would do it and that they really appreciate that we bring a peace and a tranquility when we teach them.

Meanwhile, during all this we have been seeing Stefano. And he has been a whirlwind story. He is getting baptized on the 18th!!! He set the date yesterday and we are so, so, so excited because he has known the church for 25 years and known lots and lots of Anziani but he said with us he has finally felt the real authority of the Church, that it is true and nothing else matters. We have taught him everything and he begged Anziano Larsen to get him a baptismal interview and since he had been taught first by the Anziani a few times we had Anziano Quiroz come and do it and now he is all set to go! He knows who he wants to baptize him and who to give the talks because he knows ALL the members (after 25 years, he should) and he is giving up English Tea even though it's really hard for him.

Every lesson just went really well, but the thing that helped the most was that he started reading the Book of Mormon everyday and he really got his answers through that. He wasn't sure, because he knows getting baptized means giving up his old life and all his Catholic friends and traditions so he has been ignoring his desire to be a member of the church and he has been coming and going for 25 years now. But he read a scripture in Alma when they were baptized and received the Holy Ghost through the laying on of hands and he knew that he needed to be baptized by the proper authority. So cool, there is a lot more to that story, but I don't even know how to explain, it all happened so fast.

Um, they are kicking us out of the office, but I have some embarassing stories like when I was trying to speak French and I said "I hate Sorella Laws" instead of my name is, or when I decided that I really needed to get some courage and talk to this guy on the metro so I was like "Sorella, we can't get off, I gotta talk to this guy" and later found out the lady between us speaks perfect English and probably thought I was trying to pick up on him, rather than share the gospel with him. And last night I had too many things in my hand on a packed bus and I ended up smooshed up against this guy with no way of moving myself away from him...companion didn't help me at all. Thanks for nothing.

We had a ward fhe

and played foosball

and got cornetti

and someday i'll explain all these people in the pictures.

And Sundays are always amazing and we love everyone in our ward and we are going to Bishops for Christmas eve.

Also, don't know if maybe I might want to stay until March, don't freak out though I am not sure. Just if there is an odd number of sisters. I have to ask president.

Love you bye.

Sorella Laws

Okay, they didn't actually kick us out and we are here until our investigator comes at 6 (did I mention I am in Roma2 with Slla Stebar...again) so here's some quick picture explanations.

My hair is still falling out,

but if it stops soon I'll be happy, because it looks normal and it's kind of nice not having a gianormous mane of hair that takes a million years to blow-dry.

Slla Camp's mom sent us a "16 days of Christmas" package

with little presents and a Nativity, so cute!! Each present has a scripture on it (She's an only child).

And then there's Brijeet, my new companion.

Always stealing our nametags and dancing with the college boys, "No, I'll be the guy" and then they danced right into the Christmas tree and knocked it over, haha, most of the ward thinks she's a terror, but you gotta love her still. Yes, the yellow accents are probably a little out of hand, but it was a good conversation starter, got me to be friends with all the members.

Then there's Punjabi the cornetti place, never been there,

but we always drive by and Santa+Cornetti for me is probably the merriest Christmas I can imagine.

Teaching tithing...and the Word of Wisdom.

Stefano just happened to bring us chocolate coins, which became the perfect object lesson! And we brought him HERBAL tea, we'll see how he likes it, he was hardly convinced, ha, I drink probably three cups a tea a day these days.

And some pictures of our apartment, for fun.

And in the mission home there is a model of the Rome temple grounds!!!

How cool is that? I haven't seen it, I stole that pictures from Slla Stebar.

And a picture with Slla Foote for the last time!!!

I can't believe she is gone, hasn't hit me, even though this transfer is almost over already! We get the transfer call Saturday, if I leave I will probably die.

Some last pictures from Ragusa with Gabriella,

the greatest thing that has ever happened to me and me knocking on Romeo's door

Saying goodbye was so hard, but that's alright.

And then us when we first got here

going to see the Colosseum while we waited for everyone else
(because we got in at 7am)