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Jul 15, 2011

bouna sera!!!

HELLO FAMILY. and Friends.
Where do I begin.
Oh, maybe with the fact that ROMEO

(pictured here in not exceptional lighting)

I just made him take a picture with us--we really wanted to see him today and he said he couldnt and then, of course, we see him standing outside the internet point!! So we got to talk to him anyway.

Talk about a win-win.
He is SO great.

Anyway, the date is 5 Aug. He wants to make sure that he is sure but he said he really feels like he is on the right path. We have the best lessons, he asks the best questions, and he is hilarious and super nice and he is our favourite person in the world right now. AND he says the best prayers. He is one of the most sincere people I have ever met in my life. He quotes scriptures...in his prayers, that is how legit he is.

I think he knows more about faith than I do.
"Everlasting Father, sink these things into our memories. Forgive us of our sins because the Bible says though their sins be as scarlet they shall be as snow. We pray thee Lord to bless these sisters with strength as they do thy work. Help them find people they can convert to thy word"
He is the most beautiful soul I have ever encountered.

I never thought I would have to say this at this point in my mission but...I am struggling with the language...
Teaching in English is SO HARD.
haha, not really, but I have a large headache most of the time and struggle with switching back and forth and sometimes I just want to say things in Italian. The Italians speak some English and the Africans speak some Italian and it always switches back and forth and its beautiful and confusing and all kinds of things.

Today we went to a german grocery store called lidl and I found marshmallows and more importantly PEACHY-Os. You know, roadtrips and camping trips and family fun and them all melting together in the bag sometimes when they got left in the car, but mostly we would eat them all before that. I am eating them right now. I bought apple ones too. :) A nice relief because last time I bought something I thought was apple it ended up being mint...you just never know around here.

Oh, and this other picture...that is my brain exploding
after eating a cannoli.
yeah, they're good.

We are teaching so many great people,
I dont even know where to begin and making friends everywhere we go. We got six new investigators this last week, which is a lot. And if they arent interested they are always willing to tell us where the best cannoli/foccacia (which is nothing like Barese foccacia, btw) is.

But there is also Mara who is a Romanian bidante (a person who helps an elderly person), who at first said she couldnt get Sunday off to come to church, but now she is really, trying.

And Aurora and Salvatore who didnt come to church because he works until 5am Sunday morning, we talked to him about how God really would bless him if he came and he would feel spiritually energized. We said, "We know its hard.." and he replied, "No, its not hard. I can do it." Which is an awesome step! He has a real desire to know and she reads everything and takes copious notes and asks questions.

They are married and adorably in love, we have talked about temple marriage so they can see the real blessings and
how baptism is the first step.

And others that are equally great, but I am too tired to explain. And Sunday I was translating again and I forgot to get up and conduct the music because I was trying to figure out why Romeos headpiece didnt work and I was like, "why arent they blessing the sacrament yet?" and it was, because we hadnt sang the sacramental hymn...
because no one was leading.

Luckily I did remember to get up when it was my turn to speak. Now I understand why when Slla Foote came to
Bari she said,
"Sundays are a lot less stressful here."

Earlier today the ward mission leader saw us and pulled up on his motorcycle and told us the bishop wanted us to do something and I decided I really love small towns because you get to see the same people over and over. Okay, I have killed the computer twice since writing this so maybe I should end it soon.

I love you! I love you! I love youuuu.
Thats all Ive got to say, until I find a way... [/beatles]

Okay, I should probably quote a scripture or an apostle now.

Or maybe Romeo,
"The Lord is always with us."

Thats all there is too it.

Love, Sorella Laws

ps. if you were wondering, its reeeeeeeeeeeeally hot.
and there are a loooooooooot of hills.
but its still like

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