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Jun 9, 2011

One Word: Humidity

Wow. We havent taken hardly any pictures lately.
Maybe because we are so tired all the time. Ha.

This is one from the "Singles Ward"

and then me and Antonia...Italians almost never smile in photos.

But luckily I have some extra pictures from Poglinano with our buddies.

It even amazes me how happy I look in the pictures.

I dont know if I have ever been this happy before

or felt such a wide range of emotions.

Real emotions.

Well, we are trucking right along here in Ol Bari. We have gotten a lot of bidonnes (trash bin, aka stood up) but I like to think we have made the best of the situations we have been given.

Thursday: Was festa. And everyone was like, "Sorella, its a festa" and so no one wanted to see us, except good Old Francesca who never lets us down. So we spent some time with her and she said she would draw a picture for me which is awesome. She is sooo talented. And she showed us pictures of when she was younger and she was so adorable too. All the members have pictures of them at church activities years and years ago and its great to see what everyone used to look like and how they have been friends for so long. Francesca is a beautiful, beautiful soul. When we come I'll have to take you to meet her. Shes taught me so much about patience and love and gratitude
that I have the capacity to overcome my fears.

Yesterday in English course we talked for like half and hour afterwards answering their questions like, "does the Pope exist for you?" to which I said, of course he exists he is alive and an important leader in the world. And if we love Mormon more than Jesus and the usual series of unfortunate misconceptions that run around. Its so funny because you could tell some of them had been wondering these things for months and months and suddenly it all came out because
one person asked one question.

And this is why we have to open our mouths and explain the truths, because people dont know and they want to know.

Things are going well with Nella, she was supposed to come to church but was sick and we havent been able to see her for a while, she sure does love us though. And we have finally tracked down Vanna again who was like, "you shouldve come by sooner!" even though she was never home and never answered her phone, ha.

I love her and her family SO MUCH. We are going to see them tomorrow. We keep trekking to Jaipiga every day which is a 45 minute walk each way, its great, but also tiring.

Especially because we have officially hit summer and from the moment you get out of the shower you are not ever dry again. Its so great because now we arent the only ones in skirts.

Saturday we had this incredible Family Night that consisted of the Costanzos, Antonia, and Maria Pia (an investigator of the Anziani in the other ward). Slla Magno and the Curcis were also present. Slla Magno gave a stirring presentation about the Millenium. Which we were against at first because its a bit random and involves a lot of interpreting of those books at the end of the Bible but it went well because everyone of the people there are a bit pessimistic and now they have something to look forward to and we sang When He Comes Again (is that what its called in English?) Which was extra special because none of them could sing it and Fllo Curci was dramatically waving his arm
trying to keep everyone in time.
Have I ever told you how much I LOVE these people?
It almost hurts.

Sunday three college students from Utah came because one of them had served with the son of some of the members (who tragically died shortly after coming home from his mission) and I got to do a bit of translating again for this cool girl who goes to USU and I never even asked her what her name was but they were all legit and had backpacked around with like three shirts and a pair of shorts.

Then we saw Antonia again and she told us how she loves to be with us and her family drives her nuts because they just use her for stuff
(but we know she really does love them)

And those are the highlights.
Will you all do me a favor? Will you promise me that you will read this talk? Its only two pages and it is quite seriously life changing.
Read it. Every one of you.
Here's a taste:

So if you have problems in your life, don’t assume there is something wrong with you. Struggling with those problems is at the very core of life’s purpose. As we draw close to God, He will show us our weaknesses and through them make us wiser, stronger. If you’re seeing more of your weaknesses, that just might mean you’re moving nearer to God, not farther away.

Love you all, always and forever,

Sorella Laws

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