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May 7, 2011

Cia from Bari

Well, another beautiful week has come and gone. I should let you know that as I am typing this there is a small child next to me asking me questions over and over.

She is really adorable. I gave her an opuscolo (pamphlet in English?) and she started drawing all over Jesus's face and I was like (in Italian),
"Dont write on the face!" and everyone started laughing.
But then she gave me some potato chips so I really cant complain. Her mom is on a computer on the other side of the room skyping some guy. Kind of sad, because she really is adorable even though shes trying to steal my pens (which is a big deal because good pens are hard to come by around here and I really like the ones I have from the MTC (even though everyone (even the guy on the bus today) makes fun of me because I have one in red, green, and blue...used to have black but they are always getting lost). Ill include a photo of her too.

Yesterday we had zone conference,

thats where most of the photos from this time around are from.

All the people around me are just so lovely.

Sorella Foote and I showed everyone these hand motions we came up with to remember our "Mission Essentials"

Life is full of little miracles and coincidences that mostrare the hand of God in our lives. He is aware. This week we have run into a few people on the street or on the bus that we have been thinking about and praying for. One contact we found on the bus and set up an appointment with her for tomorrow. And we saw Giacomo eating a sandwich (we havent seen him since our first transfer because his wife said no more).

Our English Course students want to take us out to pizza and
I am madly in love with each of them.
Now every time we just talk about beautiful things.
Its like Life Club we had (slash have because thanks to E and Sharlie its still going strong so everyone at BYU who is reading this should go join) back in Siena and at BYU.

So transfers are in a couple weeks (the Thursday before my birthday, whatever day that is) and President told us yesterday that one of us is going, which made me real sad but life here is full of changes and new adventures with all kinds of people so we will see what happens.
Speaking of, I am turning 22, that is a weird thing!
We'll see where this year takes me. :)

My Italian is getting better,
my English is getting worse.
I am learning so much everyday and I never want to leave.

Everything here is just so real. Dealing with real problems everyday. People tell us about illnesses and deaths in their family on the bus. On the way here I talked to some guy (probably hitting on me but I kept it centered on Jesus) about the importance of having faith so that we have the hope to affrontare every day. And he agreed. Faith is a precious gift. Everyone here complains about money and I love to tell them,
"Faith and hope doesnt cost a thing"

Highlights from English Course:
We were talking about dreams we have.
One student was trying to explain his dream and I asked,
"To overthrow the government?"
And he said, "Its a little dream."
Not really all that little though is it?

As far as who we are working with things have changed up a bit. People come and go pretty regularly and its a big juggling match trying to figure out who wants to see us and who doesnt and who needs to see us even if they dont want to and who we need to see but every appointment with them takes three hours so its had to schedule in. ha.
But I love them all.
Thats all it comes down to. We joke often that its like being in relationships because you are so invested and you just get broken up with over and over or you have to move away or you have an amazing conversation for ten minutes on a bus and then never see them again.

I dont know, but its going to be one big party in Heaven.

Yesterday we had a meeting with all the leaders of the church in the ward here and they are amazing. It reminded me of production meetings back at school, everyone sitting around a table, but instead of making a movie we were producing lives, trying to ease burdens (one family has an autistic daughter and needs help because it is veramente a 24/7 job). It was powerful just to be in the presence of people who are unified in the cause of helping one family.

Love you buckets!!!
Sorella Laws

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