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Feb 24, 2011


So I knew coming on a mission meant changing lives,
but I didnt realize just how much that would include.

Example: I just taught Sorella Foote how to send pictures in an email.
She can memorize almost anything, but didnt know how to use a computer until I came along. Ha, but seriously, at least one or two of my talents are coming in handy. And we all benefit because now there are more pictures!!

Also, just got your envelope with the Valentines. I dont know why everything takes so long, because Slla Footes moms stuff always comes in like a week. I think it may be because of two things: Jesus stickers and she writes whats in it in Italian ("ropa e caramelle" [which would be stuff and candy]) so that might be the secret to success for anyone who wants to send packages. I loved the picture though!! You are all adorable. I havent had time to read all the notes yet, but thank you!!!

Transfer calls came and went and everything is staying the same!!
Our entire district of 10 and the other Sorelle in the zone.
All the same. Which we are happy about.
I was talking to president the other day and he was like I enjoyed your last letter (I had put "dont transfer us" in the subject line) He said he wasnt planning on splitting up the dream team
(ok, not his exact words, but he did say we were a good team)

Elda continues to be fantastic. We taught her in her dorm room on Monday and it was so weird. I feel like college life was SUCH a long time ago for me. She is so so so so lovely. She just wants to know everything and has tons of questions and we cant teach her fast enough.

So Bari has these magical places
that they didnt have that many of in Ladispoli.
Its called a Panificio.
In these places they sell bread and cookies.
Really, really good cookies.
And really delicious bread.
In short, its a happy thing to pass by them now and again (and again).

Another person we are excited about is Valentina she is 11 and last Sunday attacked Slla Foote saying
"i want to be baptized, i want to be baptized!
" and we were like, "um, okay, thats why we are here"
her aunt brings her to church every week. Her mom used to be a member and her dad never was, but they are okay with her getting baptized as long as she shows dedication to it.
So we are going to start teaching her this week. Yay!

English class continues to be our weekly entertainment.
So yesterday the guy that looks like Rays Brother (Everybody Loves Raymond) did a mime impression and I laughed SO hard.
Then he did it again because Slla Foote didnt see the first time.
SO Hilarious.

He just sits there and only says one or two things a class, but that makes it even better. I wish I could explain how funny people are when English is not their first language.
Im sure they all think the same about me when I speak Italian.
We had an English fast the other day where we didnt speak English for 24 hours. We should probably do it more. I still get off the phone with people sometimes and feel like I have no idea what is going on,
makes things fun though.

We were working on rhymes and tried to get them to write poetry and Julio (thats what we call him) hands me a poem that made absolutely no sense and he is one of the ones that is the best at English. I cant remember what it said something about
"you are the girl of my dreams never seen b4"
He lived in England for 9 years. We are pretty sure that none of them know whats going on most of the time.
Now I know how our MTC teachers felt. ha.

We had a crazy lesson the other day with one of our students from English Course we brought a newer member and then he (the member) was talking about how he always does the cross before he prays and we were like, "actually usually we dont do that" but it all ended up okay in the end.

And we helped make a pinata for a bambini activity because this member asked us to show her how and then we just ended up paper mache(ing) a box and it doesnt look like anything.
This week has just been a little strange all around, ha.
But good, as usual.

Also, just got an email from Anz. Mauldwin saying him and Anz. Healey are going to be companions again.
Is someone pulling my leg??
These are my Anziani from the MTC...
I cant imagine them being together in Italy.


Heres a little glimpse of home life. There arent any free outlets in the kitchen so Slla Foote was making banana bread in the hallway.

In the hallway is also our office. AKA an ironing board and a cell phone. Pretty much I watch Slla Foote do things and take pictures, but I did get her a chair after I took the picture.

The family we had dinner with on Sunday and the Anziani, poor Fllo Santoro got cut out of the picture, but his wife said it didnt matter, ha!
Slla Santoro is the gospel principles teacher, they are all awesome.
The Anziani are okay too.

This is the really small door that we go through to teach Teresa.

This is our grandma cart we get groceries in that we prepped with phamplets of the Plan of Salvation, just in case!

Me. Holding a giant meat platter.
Thanks Panino King.
We had to eat pieces of everything that ended up on that plate.

And then the sandwiches we got from him a few days later.

Us outside a castle in Old Bari.
Some of us are better at jumping than others...

Oh and we may or may not be doing a photoshoot today,
but there will be evidence of that later.

all my loving,

Sorella Laws


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