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Nov 26, 2010

First week in Italy

Allora, sono qui!!!

Jet lag did me in at first. I passed out every lunch break. But we managed to get some good work done. Also, this keyboard is weird so it is taking longer than normal to type. Sor W is sweet and reminds me of Lindsey Wooley...like exactly. to the point that its weird. I think they sent me to her for a reason because she has had all kinds of health things too...like she got chickenpox...chickenpox, while she was here.

I was super stressed the first few days because everything i learned in the MTC was running through my head and I felt like I had to apply all of it at once on everyone, which maybe I should have just done it and I would have been a SUPER missionary, but I was too tired.

I don't even know where to start. um, i love Italy, of course. I love the people. Ladispoli is pretty small so most people have seen us--and by us I mean missionaries-- before. we are trying to come across as --normal-- you would be amazed the conversations that start with --come sta?-- but also maybe sometimes we come off as too normal because 2 people have asked us out for coffee. Some people still just run away.

I am understanding loads more than I thought I would, almost everything. It helps that they pretty much act things out as they say them. and I actually think of things to say back--usually Sorella williams has already said them, BUT I am not doing too shabby. We have been going around and trying to met all the members and menoattivi because I know no one and don't know the city and Sor W leaves fra un week. The members are tops. I love them all. There are a few girls who are returned missionaries and one who leaves in Aprile. They are forte. Really. and they love me and my red jacket and my red shoes. and I love them. Everyone kisses us on the cheeks and then later as we are talking to them they ALL tell us how they've been sick etc.etc. (which its a good thing we had to learn that vocab in the MTC) and it makes me laugh. Like, cool, thanks for THOSE germs sister so-and-so. but I joke, because did I mention I love them?

We visited sor. silva last night and she told us we were angels. she is the amazing one though. everyone is excited to have us in the ward. Its weird because with transfers coming we are loosing 4 sisters and gaining only 2 so a city is going to be closed to sisters. its just sad there aren't more of us to spare.

I love Italians. I love how they dress. I love how they eat. I love how they talk. Tutto e bello.

Also finally got my permesso papers, we just had to go to the post office three times (three different ones) until they finally ignored the tiny mistake that we couldn't possibly change. So I am not illegal!!! yay!!

We met an adorable lady my first night who works at the snack place nearby. We conveniently stopped by again and had a good discussion with her and her coworker. we asked her if we could come back and give her a Book of Mormon. We also met this great lady from India on the street, really hope she becomes an investigator because one she and her baby son are adorable and she said to come by whenever because she is always home and two because maybe shell cook Indian food for us, ha. ohhhh I miss it. she explained her religion, but all I got out of it was that some people wear turbans. so...vediamo. we will see.

W say buona sera and boun giorno to everyone, when we came to Rome for p-day though people where like, wait what? do i know you? in Ladispoli it usually makes people smile though. mostly I just want to shout from the rooftops at everyone. Everyone who passes by I am like ahhh you are beautiful and you need to know this great thing that I know about pray and hope and happiness!!! I talked to one older man on the bus...not a clue what he said to me, but I think we both were edified after.

The food here is good. my favorite thing is cornflakes and yogurt. I know. weird. But not weird. mostly delicious. and nutella. of course. And we haven't had a chance to do real grocery shopping yet. No gelato yet, i did have a mangum bar my first night, SO good. man. as Sharlie and Kimberly know from that time we tried to eat a whole box in Siena...we bought a giant pizza sort of on accident last night. We had two minutes until we had to be in but we were so hungry so we walked into a pizzeria and they were like, here take this, and all I thought was --im hungry, come no?-- and so now we have about three meals worth of potato and cheese pizza. could be worse.

Tonight we are going to see Archangelo. who just needs to get baptized because his whole family is and has been waiting magari 6 years for him. he went to stake conference and it was amazing and we thought about him the whole time (except for the part I fell asleep--che vergogna) because someone talked about making small sacrifices for huge blessings. which we have been telling him!! he seemed super happy after but he just doesn't want to give up smoking. We even presented him with a program. but he says he --likes smoking--. which is a lie, but what can you do. Hopefully we can help him see how he doesn't need it tonight.

English class consists of two old men who argue about Italian grammar and a younger fellow.

Oh, and we saw Julie B. Beck and her family at the Vatican. and the Anziani from our district. and another 2 sets of Mormons...at the Vatican. rather funny. including a member from Rome who acted as our tour guide because he is studying art history. whenever Sor Williams would Astop to take pictures he'd be like, Sorelle!!! Andiamo!!


I am happy and healthy

Sorella Laws

Don't forget the address:

Sorella Lauren Laws

Via Flavia, 21/7

00055 Ladispoli, Italia


Laura (with an italian accent) said...

Hi! I am the friend of Laramie's that wrote you before your mission. I assume it isn't actually you posting this stuff, but I love it!! My last area was Ladispoli!!! you are SO lucky to serve there. It's the best!!! The members are the most amazing people i've ever met! archangelo and his family are amazing! I really hope you see him get baptized! the pizza you got.. I LOOOVE the place you got it from, and the people that own it!

Kelsie Lynn said...

Oh my beautiful Lauren! She looks fabulous. Hey mumma Laws- tell her I'm working on a letteR? and I love her so much.

So glad she is finally there and looking like an angel.

bjoylaws said...

Jill--thank you for posting Lauren's emails--I keep Keshia updated about her and she said she would love to hear about how she is doing--do you guys mind if I send her bits and pieces? Val posts Keshia's emails at sisterlaws.blogspot.com, if you are interested. So glad Lauren made it there and she's feeling better. love you guys!