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Nov 17, 2010


I am here!!!

I will meet my companion in an hour and my first city is Ladispoli a suburb of Rome. Italy is great. It looks and smells just like it did two years ago. We drove by the temple site, it is going to blow people away when there is a five story temple there.

I gave away two Book of Mormon's in the Dallas airport. A nice man from Mexico, Luis, who gave me a business card and told me to come visit him in Canada. He told me he was impressed that I was going to Rome to teach a religion that isn't catholism. All the sudden I started telling him the Joseph Smith story, in the middle of the Dallas airport.

This man with an orange shirt, navy jacket, tan pants, and orange dress shoes (with an orange kerchief in the pocket) complained about his flight to us. and Matt, this hilarious British man who I laughed and joked with for two hours because our plane got delayed.

He showed me a picture of his dog and talked about teaching his kids how to read. SO funny. I made a Seinfeld-esqe joke about how they always say, "We'll be able to make up the time in the air" when a flight is delayed, because why don't they just go that fast all the time?? Are they just taking detours and then when they're late they think, "Oh, maybe I should make up some time."

Someone talked to me in Italian in Heathrow and I think I probably said, "capisco!" far too enthusiastically then he kept going and asked where a fotolandria was, I said I didn't know. I HAD MY FIRST ITALIAN CONVERSATION. ha.

Also spoke with a dapper British chap going on a field trip to Rome because he's studying architecture.

Why couldn't I be British??

Someone thought I was a tour guide because of my name tag.

And I'm SO not in Provo, when I ask people if they've heard of the Church they go, "what?" Also hard though, because I kept ending up next to British people and can't speak English all that well anymore.

The point is that I am good and safe and made all connecting flights and slept a little and am ready to hit the streets!!! And I love British people. Sorella Kelly keeps feeding me. I finally get a companion. Life is good. There are pictures of Anziano Knutson, Urry, and Lane on the refrigerator.

I want to run out into the street right now and talk to people.

I've been in the same clothes for 32 hours.


Everything is in Italian and people drive crazy. I heard someone go, "ho fatto bene" on the phone.

It was the first Italian I heard and I almost started crying. Sono qui.

Love you,

Sorella Laws

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Matthew said...


Finalmente sei arrivata! Congratulations. I'm sorry I wasn't able to come visit more the last two weeks. I'm sure you blessed and taught the other Italian missionaries way more than us teachers can.

Thank you for the note. I'll write back. Thanks for leaving me the address to your blog. I have spent the last hour reading it and can't stop laughing. All the things I didn't know about what went on in the classroom without me have now been revealed.

E grazie a lei agisco meno "insecure," grazie!

Ci sentiamo presto Sorella!

Fratello Skanchy